i just realized that i’ve been posting an increasing amount about webshows which isn’t actually that weird because i’m getting really passionate about them

and i’m wondering if anybody would want a webshow blog where i just review them and give recs and discuss them and their casts and crews and idk anybody here for that?

Headcanon: The Emma Approved Documentary

The meme around an EA/LBD crossover seems to involve Emma planning the Darcy-Bennet wedding.  But the final episode yields an alternative:

Alex: You know, I think you have quite a bit of footage for a pretty exciting documentary already.

Emma: Actually, I’ve been sending copies to a production company and they completely agree!

Headcanon: The production company in question is called Illuminating Media, a recent arrival to the new media production landscape, based out of San Francisco.  A certain redhead CEO with more than a little experience of documenting one’s life on video has been reviewing the footage with an eye on producing a documentary for Emma.

Working title: The Illuminating Media Emma Woodhouse Documentary. The fact that it can be shortened to ‘The IM Emma Woodhouse Documentary’ is a bonus. (I am Emma Woodhouse – get it?)

Watch on pemberleydigital.tumblr.com

Hey guys, have you ever noticed that the dashing vlogger, maxwellglick, has a coincidental and striking resemblance to our very own Ricky Collins of Collins and Collins? Well it turns out sometimes he exploits his resemblance and does hilarious covers of songs as if he actually were Ricky Collins. And sometimes those covers get submitted to Ryan Seacrest’s official cover contest and make it to the top 13. How’s that for Fancy?

 If you’re as delighted by this as we are, you can vote for him here