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It's just Rebecca Romjin now since she divorced Stamos and married Jerry O'Connell and no, she's not playing Mystique. She couldn't do it even if she wanted to, she's on TNT's Librarian series now. And I find it very hard they'd let Jen quit the movie without a fight since she's become such a big star now, what they have to do to bring her back, believe me, they'll do it. Even if it means backing up the Brinks truck big time.

I’d be really surprised if she doesn’t do it. Really surprised.

Le nationaliste est celui qui conduit sa réflexion en se demandant à chaque instant : est-ce que telle décision, telle attitude est bonne pour une nation? Si d’un point de vue mystique et poétique, transcendantal, le nationalisme est l’amour de l’éternelle et inébranlable métaphysique d’une nation, de son être intime, sous une acception personnelle, le nationalisme se rapporte à la volonté de se donner les moyens de maintenir ou de créer les conditions permettant d’assurer la pleine souveraineté et l’entier développement de notre personne aux fins de la réalisation de ce en vue de quoi nous avons été créés, d’assurer la sécurité et l’épanouissement de notre famille et en premier lieu de nos enfants, de se soucier de leur devenir, en ayant conscience de n’être que l’usufruitier d’une richesse dont nous sommes les dépositaires et les continuateurs le temps de notre vie.
—  André Gandillon, Nation et nationalisme.

nobody sees you the way you see you. quiet and loud and shy and too bold. lazy and strange and sunny sometimes. funny sometimes. a little bit crazy. laughable. outsider. pretty and lucky. mustard yellow and grey periwinkle soup. deep and dark and cruel. cloudy and vain. selfish and misplaced emotions and no sense of timing. scared. tainted and trying. 

you dont see you the way others see you. sparkling and lovely. fascinating and balanced. even funny sometimes. smarter and sweeter than some. magnetic orange and soft pink. mystique and charity and blushing and meek. spinning around in fields of flowers. unique. admirable. patchwork of colorful neat little beats and rhymes and patterns. you little babe you. potential. 

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xmen :O (sorry if this is a double post but my comp acted up so idk if this was sent before)

I JUST REALIZED I’M NOT EVEN XMEN ENOUGH TO DO THIS like god i thought i was into xmen but i just realized i literally only care about erik charles and mystique i am a disgrace

that said erik and charles are both social justice bloggers who get in the same damn social theory argument like every other day and finally they have to unfollow each other cause shit was just getting way too unpleasant. it was traumatic for both of them

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Jen is def confirmed for the next X-Men. And bc of her super star status, they're making the story more about Mystique and her relationship with Michael Fassbender's character. Bryan Singer confirmed that.

I remember hearing something very similar myself. Didn’t she have a 3 picture contract?

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Actually there's something interesting about x men. There's reports and news that jennifer won't be doing apocalypse. Rebecca romeign stamos is said to be in talks to play mystique. So take of that what you will. There's never been confirmation that jen was doing apocalypse.

I heard she was confirmed when Channing was cast as Gambit, and the only person rumored was Hugh Jackman. 

She may be buying out of the contract, I suppose, but I would assume we would WANT her to play Mystique if Josh is Cyclops, yeah?