Again, could caption, but won’t. Just messing around in my glasses for a Sollux and Latula cosplay…Though I’m not even sure if I’m going to be Latula. I have Terezi glasses too, but didn’t want to bother with them. I was also going to wear my own glasses, but ended up forgetting.

Mystic Cosplays began as an idea to assist people in making costumes, learning how, and giving individuals access to higher quality equipment they would not normally have. Mystic Cosplays is owned, and managed by BAMF, LLC. Our mission is to provide access to equipment, and work shops, for costume and clothing design, in a safe environment. As the company is just beginning to form, we are looking for a solid location, as well as the proper equipment. We want to be in full operation within 12 months, meaning: hosting work shops, and selling products both online and in store. The opportunity for this type of service is quite large, as there are thousands of individuals that attend comic, and anime conventions, that spend months on sculpting costumes, and sowing clothes. Being able to access, order, and create custom pieces for the clothes or costume would save hours of time. Products to include full costume design, and assistance, 3D Printing, along with work shops to discuss design and techniques. Currently, there is no known business that offers this type of product/service. Even within the aspects of product alone, most will fall under creative commons, or created by individuals for personal use and falls outside of copyright laws.


Today I did a Fem!Kankri cosplay, I was really nervous about it and almost didn’t put on my makeup, it was the first time I’d put everything together and I have a tendency to dislike the very few cosplays I have done. But I’m kinda proud of this and got a few compliments. (I’m still not too sure about those horns and still need a proper sweater, ah well.)
The image quality is bad because I took these off the photographers Facebook and the last two are cropped funny since someone else was in the pic and I didn’t want to bother asking her if it was ok to post this here. ^^; 

Right, I’m going to go to sleep now. That will calm me down for a little while maybe…

I need to get up in the morning though that feels unlikely with how late it is and how tired I am. -_-; But I need to go out and get fabric paint for my Karkat and Godtier Kankri cosplay and the bags I’m making. asdfghjl!

I’m was hoping to have been able to start/finish some of these things though.