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Behind the scenes with Candice Accola and Nina Dobrev :)


I am addicted to this video. My God. Irish accents, and TVD. What more can a girl ask for? <3

Includes Matt Davis, Paul Wesley, Sara Canning and Kat Graham. Warning: don’t watch if you need a piss! xDD 

Quiz: Which Fictional TV Town Should You Actually Live In?

Ever watch your favorite TV show and want to pick up and relocate, STAT? It all seems so much more appealing — the schools, the boys and, yes, even the drama. A sociopath tracking your every move? Teen werewolves and vampires casually roaming around? Facing the Evil Queen on the reg? Bring. It. All. On. To find out which fictional town you should actually live in, all you gotta do is take this quiz: