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Behind the scenes with Candice Accola and Nina Dobrev :)


I am addicted to this video. My God. Irish accents, and TVD. What more can a girl ask for? <3

Includes Matt Davis, Paul Wesley, Sara Canning and Kat Graham. Warning: don’t watch if you need a piss! xDD 

Matt Donovan

I wanted to further clarify my “They left Mystic Falls in the hands of Matt Donovan and expected it to turn out well” comment.

Matt Donovan has the incredibly difficult task of being the only remaining pure and innocent character on The Vampire Diaries.  This distinction comes at a cost.

Yes, I did intend for it to be funny, but I was also serious.  Matt Donovan has spent 6 seasons trying to distance himself from vampires, while at the same time trying to eliminate them when he thought it was necessary. 

By virtue of attempting to distance himself from the supernatural, he distanced himself from any and all crucial knowledge that would have aided him in his attempts to eliminate supernatural threats.  This is why, more often than not, he ended up getting in the way or getting himself or someone else injured in his good-natured attempts to help.  

Because of this, Matt Donovan has arguably the littlest amount of knowledge of all the main characters when it comes to fighting vampires and werewolves.  Therefore, he is not the best person to be put in charge of safeguarding an entire town against an attack from a group of vampire/witch hybrids.

But Elena is out of the picture, Jeremy has no doubt left to go be a vampire hunter elsewhere, Alaric is mourning the loss of his fiancé and their unborn children, Damon is probably useless without Elena, Stefan and Caroline have a whole slew of their own problems to deal with, and Bonnie will be busy both hating herself for being the one person who can bring Elena back, and trying (and failing) to keep her friends together.

So that is what I meant.  Matt means well (as always), but is ill-equipped for what is coming.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale (Spoilers)

Last thursday aired the last episode of TVD season 6. This episode was full of surprises such as the death of the whole Gemini coven (including Liv, who dies to save Tyler), the trasformation of Kai into a vampire-witch, and the destiny of Delena. Mama Salvatore gives Kai her blood, which turns him into a vampire-witch and allows him to kill the Gemini coven, in return to give her back her family. Kai bonds Elena and Bonnie, so Elena can only wake up if Bonnie dies. Damon has to choose between saving Elena or saving BonBon and he finally saves Bonnie by killing Kai, which means Elena will wape up only when Bonnie dies from old. Meanwhile, Caroline asks Stefan for more time. The last scenes show Elena saying goodbye to his friends. What will happen with Delena’s love? And with Steroline? What will time bring up to Mystic Falls?