Benedict Cumberbatch fans listen up, for there’s a new Sherlock in town and he’s poised to give the young star a serious run for his money. 

The first trailer has been released showing Ian McKellen as the lead in Mr Holmes, which follows the iconic detective’s life after he retires to an isolated Sussex farmhouse.

“The case which was to be my last made me see that human nature was a mystery that logic alone could not illuminate,” the 75-year-old actor says in voiceover, before dramatic music kicks in that makes superhero movie soundtracks sound tame.

Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, the film sees the super-sleuth distract himself from loneliness and frustration with an unsolved mystery that requires his deteriorating mind to remember events from 30 years ago.

Oscar-winning director Bill Condon is at the helm, while Laura Linney and Milo Parker play housekeeper Mrs Munro and her son Roger.

“This gentleman is a detective…his name is Mr Sherlock Holmes,” the 50-second teaser concludes, leaving us all eager to learn more about “the man behind the myth” from Baker Street.

After debuting at the Berlin Film Festival last month, Mr Holmes reaches UK cinemas on 19 June.


anonymous asked:

What kinda voices do you see the MSA gang having?

Someone (I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was) said they thought James Arnold Taylor sounded like a good voice for Arthur, and I’m just picturing Artie with Ratchet’s voice (the orange fuzzy guy) and YESSSSSSSSS

Although if we’re going with British Arthur, this one.

Someone also said they had the idea of Lewis having Markiplier’s voice, and I really like that idea a lot too, though I’m not sure if that’s final or not.

But as for Vivi and Mystery, I’m really not sure. I’m not too great with voices. Sorry about that. Anybody got any ideas?