Ghost Fanfic - Best Served Cold - 24


Note: Fine, take the wheel then guys, but you’d BETTER FIX THIS. The characters belong to MysteryBen and Artsy. And they do WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO. Click here for Chapter 23.


            It’s worse than the day I was bound. I remember it, nearly all my power compressed, like taking the sun and stuffing it into an ale mug and corking the top with lead. The confinement of myself nearly drove me mad in those first days, all I could do was run in circles without stopping, wailing and shrieking like a newly-made spirit because I did not know how I would survive as such a weak creature. Surely every spirit on the continent would know I was helpless and come devour me.

            Merlin watched me run for days before I finally collapsed, unable to move anymore. He picked me up, and somehow returned us to the King’s domain. I knew it was all a farce, binding me to this lineage. The King had sent many good knights against us and lost them all. We had even turned his bride against him in return, laughing at the heartbrokenness her treachery caused, the division in the kingdom. He would slay me and be done with it.

            But to my shock, Merlin placed me in the King’s lap and said only that he had found Arthur a guardian, one that would protect him at all costs. That I should not be underestimated, but cared for as a dear friend. That I would guard his line from danger. He then spoke to me, so that only I could hear, that when the time came, and one of Arthur’s line risked their own life to save mine, that I would be freed.

            And it all comes roaring back, as the sun blasts out of the ale mug and rises into the sky, blazing with power. And I howl with anguish, for Arthur is not moving and there is too much blood.

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Campiello dei Miracoli, Castello - Venezia

El codega (featuring @sildipi)

From the greek word “odegos” (guide), the codega was, in venetian language, a servant that at night used to accompany a noble or a rich with a lamp because of the few illumination of the city. My wish is to live just one day of that time in the past to see with my eyes how it was.

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