My Experiences with the Zodiac

Aries: Typically generally okay but can be a douche. If you’re they’re friend you have a patience with their eccentric hobbies. Mysterious and kind of scary.

Taurus: Stubborn assholes. Rude and obsessive over their things. Will kill a bitch for theft of friends, food, or items. But they’ll be there for friends no matter what. (Especially if there’s food)

Gemini: Both bitchy and nice. Mood swings sometimes. Will hang with you but might take advantage of the time. Typically the most interesting friend of all.

Cancer: Super sweet honestly. Even if they can act solitary and harsh. Only wants to help others. Must protect at all costs.

Leo: Super cute. Like really. Can feel like Kings and Queens but need help feeling that way. Not every second is their spotlight time. Good ideas.

Virgo: Neat and tidy. Calm and full of reason. Supposedly the sweet mother, but will slap you in place if you’re out of line. Surprisingly scary if you’re on their bad side.

Libra: Beautiful. They don’t care if they’re weird, they embrace it with more craziness. Probably runway models. Actually are psychopaths.

Scorpio: A bitch if you’re not on their side. Will protect you from other bitches. They care. They really do. Enemies: Run. Friends: Trust them with your life.

Sagittarius: Will forever help you if you need it. However if you cross them they will shoot you down. But they’ll also help fix you back up. Also have great smiles.

Capricorn: Will murder with reason. Good friends if you’re down for some risky things. Typically pretty successful if they have a risky Virgo friend to reason with. Surprisingly good lovers??

Aquarius: They try not to be too dragging on you, but sometimes they can’t help. They are a team player and don’t like to stand alone. When they stand alone shit goes haywire.

Pisces: Absolute dorks. Will look like innocent angels, but may actually be homosexual satanists. Also super sweet. They are best significant other if you’re a Leo. Protect them at all costs.


I found my new hobby, Photgraphy. I find it interesting, mysterious, elegant and powerful. Everytime I look at a photo, I get amazed by how it strikes a great impact on me. It conveys a message that a photographer wants the people to know. It is such an amazing way you could express yourself. Because of this, I’m excited with this new adventure ahead with my camera. I will capture every moment and take photos of people I love. Photos speak. Tell a story.

Character History Guide

Name: Shinichi Kudou/Black Phantom
Nickname: Shin/Shin-chan/phantom
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual? (He hasn’t thought too much on this)
Current status: Open
Birth date: May 4th
Current residence: Beika, Japan
Occupation: High school student/Phantom thief
Hobbies/Pastimes: Mystery and Magic
Talents/Skills/Powers: Photographic memory, high intellect, magic tricks, athletic, voice mimicry, disguises

Past History

Hometown: Edoka when born Beika since he was 3
First Memory: A day out with his dad, Uncle Toichi and Kaito
Most important childhood event that still affects him: When he was 7 trapped in a burning house. Mentally and physically scarred him and left him with terrible pyrophobia.
Other memories/events that still affects him and why/how: Watching Toichis shows with Kaito. Lead to him joining Kaitos duo magic act in a small cafe.
Past failures he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: When he was 10 he tried to sneak out the house after hours to go on an ‘investigation’ leading him to be stuck up a tree not wanting to shout his Mum or Dad for help. He was up there for 3 hours before Yukiko spotted him.
Biggest role model: His Dad
Why?: For his brilliant detective work and his level headedness even when in the heat of a case or bad situation.
Biggest disillusions from childhood: Nothing bad ever happens to good people.
Back story: (rough sum up of what I’m bringing from the fic)

Shinichi Kudou originally named Shinichi Kuroba was born to Yukiko and Yusaku Kuroba. Yusaku is the brother to Toichi Kuroba, father of Kaito Kuroba (who was born the same year as Shinichi) and Shinichi spent a lot of his early life with his Uncle and cousin. As shinichi spent a lot of time around his cousin he took on a much more upbeat and energetic outlook as opposed to cannon Shinichi (and equally Kaito grew up a bit more serious).
Shinichi grew up mostly happily when he wasn’t spending time with his cousin he travelled with his parents across the globe. Yusaku was a famous writer under the pen name Yusaku Kudou which he used to distant his mystery books from the Kurobas family tradition of famous magicians. While on a trip in Osaka Japan to meet with some publishers when shinichi was 7 Yusaku and Yukiko decided to leave Shinichi in the house to save him sitting through a long meeting but after they put him to bed and left an arsonist set fire to the house he assumed to be empty. Shinichi woke up to his room burning around him and though he tried to escape the fire had spread all over the house and he passed out as Yusaku broke his way into the room. He has scarring down his leg from this fire though it’s a small patch now he still doesn’t like to remember it and it traumatised him to the point where as much as a match flame will terrify him into stillness.
4 years on Toichi became the victim of an accident at one of his magic shows, the explosion killing toichi and harming many others in the crowd. Yusaku threw himself into finding out what happened to his brother refusing to believe he would make a mistake that terrible in his shows without recognising it. Kaito and Chikage, Toichis wife, stayed at Shinichis house for a while after and unexplained to shinichi Yusaku changed their family name to his pen name permanently. Yusaku buried himself so much in his work Shinichi never saw him care about the fact that the famous phantom theif duo, Kaitou Kid and Black Phantom had vanished from the public.
Now aged 17, Kaitou KID the white clad of the thief duo had reappeared and Shinichi found behind a painting in his dads study a lair filled with the Black Phantoms equipment. After Kaito and Shinichi shared their findings they teamed up in order to bring the people who murdered Toichi to light and to take away dangerous enchanted gems from places where they put people at risk.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’8
Posture: Straight backed smart, often has hands in pockets though
Build: Slightly muscled but also lean and light, kept self light for his and Kaitos magic acts
Skin: Pale 
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Face shape: Sharp and Angled
Expressions: Often has a small smile to himself
Describe their smile: when its a genuine joy smile his smile fills his face when he gets excited
Tattoos/Scars? : Right outer leg, fire scarring, 10 years old. Left shoulder and collar bone, stabbing scare, infected while healing so left an unsightly red and white scar that spreads out from origin point, year old.
Left/Right handed?: Right though can use both well
How does he dress or what do they typically wear?: Shinichi preffres to dress smart, though will always preffer function over looks. Most his clothes have slef added inner pockets for storing magicians equipment.
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: Regular suits for his and Kaitos magic show, consisting of a black suit with white shirt and black bow tie for him and the opposite for kaito.
  A modified gun that shoots thin metal playing cards, originally belonged to Yusaku as he and Toichi owned them.


Are they generally balanced or clumsy?: Balanced
Mannerisms/Poses/Movement: Shinichi likes to look calm like he’s in control and will often glance around and make a mental map of wherever he is and whats happening there out of habit.
Describe their fighting style: Shinichi has learned to fight bare handed, though if hes in danger he will often use smoke bombs or his card gun to make for an easier get away.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: NEVER put books out of order or dog ear them in any way!
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent?: Not in front of people he doesn’t know, and even then only when something really bad happens.
Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): “So what time should we start the heist?” “11 sound good?” “What!? But then I’d miss the episode of Sherlock Holmes!” “…haven’t you seen that already?” “That’s besides the point!”
Describe their laugh: Shinichi alternates between hiding laughs when he’d annoy someone and he doesn’t want to or loud open laughs when he doesn’t care.
Describe their sleep patterns: Shinichi sleeps light and defiantly needs more, though he can function on short sleeps.
Describe their dwelling/house: Shinichis house is a grand mansion, bought with the Kuroba family money Yusaku got from his family. It’s designed for far more than one person and shinichi often has many unused spare rooms at a time. He often lets Kaito stay over in some of them
Describe their bedroom: Shinichis bedroom is rather simple as he doesn’t spend much in it. There’s a few photos around of him and his family growing up and some personal books on his shelves along with school books.


Dark Chocolate, mystery books/movies, putting on shows,
Fire, people Romanising murder’s, PhantomXKID shippers
Beika park and its wide open spaces.
Room in the house and why:
His fathers libary. Its somewhere he’d always go to relax be it sitting in there or reading one of the many books he’s still to get through.
Music genre: 
Movies/TV Shows/Performances:
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Magician acts
Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four
Historical figure:
Arthur Conan Doyle
Simple Pleasures:
Raining outside while hes reading inside
Greater Pleasures:
The rush of a solved case or a perfectly pulled off show.

Emotional Characteristics

Describe character’s sense of morals:
If its for the greater good and no one gets hurt then its right.
If they could sum up the meaning of life, what would they say?:
Survive it with the best time you can.
What do they consider taboo (something they personally would never do):
Hurting someone physically or emotionally just for something personal
Describe character’s etiquette:
He likes to put on a polite introduction but the more you know him the sillier he gets, even faster if Kaitos involved.
Describe character’s sense of self-control:
He likes to think hes got a good hold on it though if friends or family became involved he would be pushed hard
Spontaneous or structured?:
Instinctual or logical?:
A mix of both leaning to logic
How does this character act in public?:
Calm and collected
How does this character act in privacy?:
Excitable and passionate

How does this character deal with or react to-

Tries to difuse and make sure as few people as possible get hurt
Puts on a good poker face and tries to change the subject
Tries to avoid it but if fully confronted (or fire) yelling and terror
He tries his best to adapt to each change he faces.
Going quiet and withdraws into himself. Though if there are others sharing the loss he will latch on to them.
Though shinichi himself is nervous he is able to toss around flirting as the Black Phantom as he knows it won’t go anywhere
He powers though it to the point of making the recovery worse for himself
He shuts off all unnecessary things and tries to shove through the stress
Peer pressure:
Doesn’t bother him
He hides it but pours it to whoever he is able to (mostly Kaito)
Being wrong:
It hurts him internally though he tries to show a good face
Being insulted (superficially: name calling, etc):
Annoyance and sometimes prank payback
Offending others:
Depending on who, not caring to trying to apologise
Being loved:
Being hated: 
Internal sadness, outward pokerface
Brave face

How does this character express?

Anger: Glaring and verbal assault if bad enough
Self withdrawal
Ignoring or terror
Love (Consider the “Five Languages of Love”):
Akward admiration
Tries to hide it
Hides it
Dislike (of a person, thing, or idea):
Pouting or pointing out issue
Approval (of a person, thing, or idea):

What does this character think/feel about?

Marriage: He’s not sure as he’s not set on anyone
Maybe some time
Family/Family Values:
Very important to him
Harmless and cute at times, likes putting on simple tricks for
Old age:
A silent fear
Somewhat indifferent, not too sure
Not found someone yet
Friendship/Other relationships:
Friends and family are very important to him
No issues, thinks he’s likely bisexual from passing thoughts.
Money/Material things:
He’s glad he has it but can manage with less
He’d like to think theres something out there but hes not sure what
Racism/Races in general:
Nope no supporting of racism
Amaxing leaps and could really aid people if used right
Important and relaxing
Their role in society/job/etc:
Wishes there was a better way but not ashamed of what he does
Drugs and alcohol:
No drugs for him, might try alcohol some time
Hes a detective in daytime so guess
Very important
The foreign/unknown:
He’d love to learn more about

Relationships with Others (Non-Married)

Relationship Skills:
Very passing intrests
Other lover(s):
Marital status:
First crush:
Childhood friend Ran Mouri
Did it last?
Never went anywhere and it turned to brother sister love
Best Friends:
Ran Mouri, Kaito Kuroba
His Dad
A dove from his shows he is very fond of called Yuki

Sex/Romantic Life

What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date?
Dinner and a night walk
Describe his/her sex life:
None existant
How often does this character have sex?
He hasnt
How long can he/she go without sex?
His life so far apparently
How does this character feel emotionally, after sex?
Would feel tired and cuddly

Family (they were raised with)

Immediate family members and their ages:
Yusaku Kudou (father, 48) Yukiko Kudou (mother, 45) Chikage Kuroba (aunt, 46) Kaito Kuroba (cousin, 17)
Ethnicity and/or species of the mother:
Ethnicity and/or species of the father:
Birth order:
Only Child
Any important/infamous/famous ancestors, and if so, who?
His family on his dads side are from a long tradition of famous magicians which toichi was the latest to uphold.
How did each parent treat the character, growing up?
Caring and willingness to teach shinichi anything he had a passing fancy in
How does each parent treat the character now?
With mutual trust and respect.

Любое место хранит загадку и тайну. На фотографии простая лестница и окно. Эта одна из Ивановских школ. Прогуливаясь в гордом одиночестве, можно ощутить что то сверхъестественное, а также пустое, печальное и тревожное. Всё тело окутывают мурашки.

Константин Бальмонт

М. Горькому

В мучительно-тесных громадах домов
Живут некрасивые бледные люди,
Окованы памятью выцветших слов,
Забывши о творческом чуде.

Все скучно в их жизни. Полюбят кого,
Сейчас же наложат тяжелые цепи.
«Ну, что же, ты счастлив?» — «Да что ж… Ничего…»
О, да, ничего нет нелепей!

И чахнут, замкнувшись в гробницах своих.
А где-то по воздуху носятся птицы.
Что птицы? Мудрей привидений людских
Жуки, пауки и мокрицы.

Все цельно в просторах безлюдных пустынь,
Желанье свободно уходит к желанью.
Там нет заподозренных чувством святынь,
Там нет пригвождений к преданью.

Свобода, свобода! Кто понял тебя,
Тот знает, как вольны разливные реки.
И если лавина несется губя,
Лавина прекрасна навеки.

Кто близок был к смерти и видел ее,
Тот знает, что жизнь глубока и прекрасна.
О, люди, я вслушался в сердце свое,
И знаю, что ваше — несчастно!

Да, если бы только могли вы понять…
Но вот предо мною захлопнулись двери,
И в клеточках гномы застыли опять,
Лепечут: «Мы люди, не звери».

Я проклял вас, люди. Живите впотьмах.
Тоскуйте в размеренной чинной боязни.
Бледнейте в мучительных ваших домах.
Вы к казни идете от казни!