Cure Box

I’ve learned this spell and I did a few ajustments.
This text is mine. Please, if you use, give the credits to WingsOfIsis. Thanks!

Get a small wood box, do the cleansing with incense. Then, put some crystals, herbs, incense and stuff (that have cure properties) inside of the box. Do some handcraft, spend your time in the box, building it and giving it your energy of cure. Get some green candles and put inside too (just for the color, not the fire).

Print a pantacle of cure and glue it inside of the box.

Add more small things that reminds you of cure. You can use little bottles like this ( to put your herbs all mixed up. Everytime someone needs cure, health… you right their name and last name and birthday in a little piece of paper and out inside the box.

Try to send, everyday, energies of cure and health to the box.