Yet Another Family!

This one is my real life family.

I always make Sim versions of people I know but I never use them. But just a few days ago I downloaded a bunch of hair that was perfect for me and my sister and I couldn’t resist making my Sim family. So here it is!

Here are my brothers, Murdoch and Mark. Mark is the astronaut (of course!). He’s 8. His traits are slob, loner and genius which fit him pretty well. Murdoch is the blond, he’s 11. His traits are artistic, grumpy and coward.

This is my mom. Her traits are over emotional, perfectionist, artistic, nurturing and ambitious.

This is me and my sister, Elizabeth. She’s the brunette. Her traits are flirty, rebellious, party animal and dislikes children. I’m the one in the dress (Alexandra, or Alex for short) I love my face in the picture. Oh well, that’s what I get for being so hot headed. My Sim hates everything! I wouldn’t say I’m that hot headed! My traits are vegetarian, dramatic, hot-headed and natural cook.


I did the kitchen first as that is my favorite part of my house. It’s pretty accurate too. If you were to come to my house, this is where we would sit for coffee. >.< I also finished decorating the laundry room, the dining room, the “boys’ bathroom”, Toby’s room and Nathan’s room. 

This is taking forever! Bless you all those people that build AND decorate their houses.  


I still haven’t put pose player back in so I couldn’t get a proper family photo. But it’s crazy how realistic my house looks. Like wow, B, you done good.

*For those real Sims 3 builders, I’m sorry but I live in a box. It’s just a square box, OK? It’s actually a trailer so I guess I should put this over by the Broke family, lol.

Phebes, this is my house. :P Beautiful, I know. The house itself is actually a double wide that we added onto, making it technically a triple wide. (How redneck, right?)

My house contains:

5 bedrooms (two girls, one boy, one nursery/playroom, one master)

3 bedrooms (one male, one female, one attached to master bedroom)

Kitchen with bar seating for 3 (very small laundry room off side)

Dining room with seating for 8

Front room designed around a monster flat screen and video games

If you get bored and feel like trying to create this in sim version … have fun, lol. ;)