guys how do you call those headphones you wear that blocks out sounds outside? I’m not talking about headphones to hear music, just headphones that block out sound entirely, are they called mufflers?

Just ordered a Pentax K1000 camera on mercadolibre,

i hope the person that’s going to send it makes sure it’s properly wrapped. I also bought some camera rolls from this older person and picked them up today, he taught me coincidentally some tricks for the camera since he has one too and he brought it, what a great guy i’m grateful

I really love the new TTGO! show, but i’m in a bit of a bittersweet relation with it, it’s really nice to have these characters back and to have fun episodes where they show their chemistry between them, for me those are the best episodes.

Now what doesn’t resonates well with me is the fact that sometimes they write really off-the-rail episodes. I really miss the old series and it’s recently that the new series got me into watching the old one and as I was watching them I realized how badass it still is, this new show it’s obviously a parody of the old series, and there tends to be bad episodes in this new one (as of lately too), but sometimes I feel they dumb it down? idk, I really love this dumb new show, even though some episodes really are bad. I love both of them, especially when the crew are having a blast making it.

it may sound cliché

but it is, my dream to travel around the world

I want to see every corner or land that hasn’t been seen for many people

places that’ve seem to appear only inside your mind, if that makes sense.

from what I heard, there was a bunch of african bees loose in a concurred part of the streets, and people were frantically running against the traffic and they had to stop everything and a bunch of firemen in special suits had to come. like

I couldn’t go to class today and I had to walk there today, lucky

people are in the hospital though

I couldn’t go watch Interstellar today because my fever is too high… So I’m staying home. I’m so bored and this thing is so cumbersome, no wonder why they literally name it “to be contorted”

yep, it has to be chikungunya, i’m starting to get the fever and I feel everything around me spinning with the slightest movement from my head.

could also be getting those mosquito bite like things since i’m feeling itchy in some parts… oh nooo

I’ve been getting more aware of my dreams lately, I might retake my dream journal soon… I might start posting them here, but I’d rather have them written on pages with a pencil.

anyways i dreamed today of an abandoned urban place, there was a girl with white eyes laying down on a bed in a dark room, and she started destroying everything around her with some sort of telekinesis(?), the pace of it was very slow, and she was laying exactly where I was laying… a certain image of her standing outside with a ripped off teddy bear plush, and broken wood/debris in the dark urban place, and that eerie look on her face made a huge impression on me,

something about the colors and composition took me off to a certain memory as a child when I was running in my grandmother’s house hallway late at night, with a faint breeze moving around the long curtains along the hallway, there was certain paintings in there in the hallway that made me afraid but at the same time intrigued because I couldn’t stop staring at them, really cold colors, white and blue. There was a house in them somewhere

I don’t know why that memory keeps popping out lately