The sky is ablaze with color during sunset at Warner Wetlands. The 52,000-acre Warner Wetlands is home to lakes surrounds by the high desert along the base of Hart Mountain in southeastern Oregon. This wetlands habitat is critical for the thousands of migrating birds, fish and many other wildlife species. Warner Wetlands is an ideal location for bird watching, fishing, camping and boating. Photo by Roman Iacobucci, BLM (mypubliclands).

We’ll be presenting at DigitalGov’s “Tumblr for Feds” Webinar this morning, along with our colleagues & friends from usagov, stopbullying & mypubliclands!

Whether you’ve been waiting for a while to sign up with Tumblr or whether you’re just curious how government agencies can leverage a platform known to be the breeding ground for the latest gifs and memes, this webinar will show you examples of how agencies have successfully taken advantage of gifs, memes and everything else Tumblr has to offer to meet their missions, increase audience engagement and build brand recognition.

February 19 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Update 2/26/2014: In case you missed it, Digital Gov University recorded the webinar, and we’ve shared it here: Two for Tumblr Tuesday: Tumblr for Feds: Gifs, Memes, and More


BLM Winter Bucket List #23: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona, for Spectacular Geologic Features and Superbowl 49

This month, Phoenix, Arizona, is a buzz with #superbowl news.  As the state prepares for the big event, we’ll share information about beautiful public lands just outside of the city and others worth a day trip - like Vermilion Cliffs.

Located on the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona, the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument includes the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. This remote and unspoiled 280,000-acre Monument - a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands - is a geologic treasure, containing a variety of diverse landscapes from the Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes, and Paria Canyon. 

Visitors enjoy scenic views of towering cliffs and deep canyons. The colorful swirls of cross-bedded sandstone in Coyote Buttes are an international hiking destination.  A permit is required for hiking in Coyote Buttes North (the Wave), Coyote Buttes South, and for overnight trips within Paria Canyon. 

Whether you’re heading to the #superbowl or just want an unforgettable outdoor experience, Vermilion Cliffs is a must see!

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM Wilderness Specialist

Every Day Is Earth Day!

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BLM Winter Bucket List #3: Garnet Ghost Town in Montana for Its Winter Cabins

If you follow My Public Lands, you likely know Garnet Ghost Town - from our history posts, recent Halloween feature, and of course, BLMer Bob Wick’s amazing photos of the historic buildings and surrounding landscape. The photos provide a window into this abandoned mining town and our nation’s gold rush era.

But each winter, you can have much more than photographs. The BLM has two cabins available to rent from December through April at the old site. The surrounding area contains more than 116 miles of trails, including the 32-mile Garnet National Winter Recreation Trail. It’s a popular destination among winter recreation enthusiasts who enjoy skiing and snowmobiling in the rugged terrain.

Add Garnet to your bucket list if you want a “ghostly” quiet getaway. Photo by Bob Wick, BLM

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After a wonderful National Public Lands Day weekend, we would like to thank the many volunteers who joined in our efforts to help take care of America’s public lands nationwide. 

Now go enjoy your public lands! Here are some of our favorite fall foliage photos across BLM managed lands. 


For those times when I’m AWOL and don’t post for ages (cos I’m a living, breathing primate and not a bot), here are 72 science/medical/nature/anthro blogs I follow. A few are personal blogs with some kinda something else in them but most are informative and a great many post original content. My apologies to anyone I left out. If anyone is interested I can do a post with non-science blogs.


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We wonder–is it possible to have too much fun on a Get In The Wild canyoneering adventure? Nah! :-)

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Happy #worldwildlifeday!

More than 3,000 species of wildlife call BLM-managed lands home - that’s a backyard of more than 245 million acres in 23 states, dispersed over ecologically-diverse and essential habitat.

Pictured here, one of our favorite wildlife photos: an antelope with golden eagles in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming. The image was captured by a “critter cam” - used by BLM offices to track wildlife activity and assist with wildlife management.
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Happy Anniversary Antiquities Act!

On June 8, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law, which authorized all future presidents to protect historic landmarks or objects of “scientific interest” on public lands as national monuments.

While most national monuments are established by the President, Congress also has established national monuments protecting natural or historic features. Since 1906, the President and Congress have created more than 100 national monuments. They are currently managed by multiple agencies, including the National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

The photo collection here reflects the diversity and beauty of the BLM-managed national monuments, a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands. Photos by Bob Wick, BLM Wilderness Specialist.