Person of Interest - Carter and Reese - Rise Above [vidders4acause]

by yotb0ka

W a t c h    i n    H D

This one was requested by the bid winner on vidders4acause, Dawn, who donate to charity for a vid made by me! ;). She asked for a Careese vid with this song, hopefully I did not ruin the song and someone will like this. 

UVO eServices 3.1.3 Android File

UVO eServices 3.1.3 Android File

UVO eServices is a Kia Motors America’s telematics service that provides the following features:

1. Vehicle Diagnostics: Diagnose whether problems exist within major vehicle features. If an abnormality exists, you can call Kia Roadside Assist or schedule a service appointment with any Kia Dealership directly from the vehicle or using the UVO app.
2. MyPOIs: Synchronize your POIs list from your…

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