Castor, let’s talk:

1. Graeme has said that Castor is not a separate storyline, and will not take away from the Leda storylines. Now, why should we believe him? A. because he knows how completely invested OB’s fandom is in the Leda clones; and B. because thus far, all male characters have been planted strategically to advance the Leda storylines. There is no reason to think this will be any different. There is a Leda without Castor, but not vice versa. 

2. One of the Castor clones has a prosthetic leg. This may not matter to a lot of the fandom, but there are fans of the show who relate to this, being disabled themselves. You may not remember, but Charlotte’s disability, though only seen for a few minutes of screen time had a pretty large impact. Now imagine the impact of a character who will have more screen time than she did. But why does it matter? Because many of us have fought desperately for representation, and there is far less representation for disabled individuals than for LGBT characters. We should celebrate this. 

3. As for people claiming the introduction of Castor clones is ruining the feminism of the show? “A feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” Focusing on one of those segments - the social equality - bringing in the Castor clones, even as background devices, would boost the feminist message. These men were raised with a pack mentality, likely taught not to show weakness, not to cry. That is something many feminists are fighting against - the idea that men have to be stoic individuals. If handled well, it could very easily enhance the message of feminism the show has shown thus far. 

4. We’ve had six (I think) videos released thus far. Four teasers of the Leda clones (x, x, x, x), a teaser featuring two Castor clones versus four Leda clones (and Charlotte), a sneak peek that revolves almost exclusively around the Leda clones, with one glimpse of Rudy/Scarface, and then one trailer that again, only has glimpses of the Castor clones, normally interacting with the Leda clones. Until the show airs, no one should be assuming that screen time will be taken away from Tatiana and the Leda clones.

Dude what make Sakura even more special than any other character is the fact that she isn’t from any known clan yet she surpassed her master, one of three Sannin and who is from Senju clan. So stop using that she isn’t from a known clan as argument, that don’t help you in any possible way, just make you look even more dumb.