I APOLOGISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i checked the eng subs to see what the captions said, xiumin said ‘why can’t i choose 1st place and 2nd place’, not 'why can't i choose 12?' 

this translating is all my fault and feel free to delete this from your blog. i will myself delete it after i’m sure more people have read this

in the chinese sub video, the subber wrote ‘12 place’ together so it looked like ‘12 members’, but he/she meant ‘1/2 places’!!!!!!!!


Request "cat!chen" "exo-m find a kitty with no owner at their dorm" "kris and kyungsoo adopting a cat because kris is secretly a big squish and he has a soft spot for kyungsoo and little feline beings" "can you draw something like baekhyun gets jealous when other memebers have moment with chen?” “I wanted to ask you if you could draw some chenbaek?” 

(overdose comeback era)

bias according to your sign
  • Aries:Wu Yifan
  • Taurus:크리스
  • Gemini:Li "Kevin" Jiaheng
  • Cancer:Wufan
  • Leo:ayo whaddup kreeeaasssee
  • Virgo:吴亦凡
  • Libra:benben
  • Scorpio:Kriscasso
  • Sagittarius:galaxy_fanfan
  • Capricorn:where are my fans
  • Aquarius:keuriseu-hyung
  • Pisces:Woopan