Vamos brincar de "verdade" e "mentira", fale algo na minha ask que você pense ou ache que sabe sobre mim e te direi se é verdade ou mentira.
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Barden Bellas - No Diggity

from the movie Pitch Perfect

Blackstreet’s original version will always be #1, but this is just awesome.

A new beginning in revisiting a favorite: Morrowind

I decided I was going to do a replay of Morrowind. This time going all-out with pen and paper. Keeping track of my own quests by hand, shamelessly roleplaying my dialogue and one-liners out loud at the monitor as I miss, miss, miss, hit, miss to the beat of sweet nostalgia. I installed the Morrowind overhaul as well as a few other roleplay-centric mods. These are the first few shots of my adventure:


Getting off the boat for the first time, getting used to the motion blur.


Water effects are amazing with the new overhaul.


My character sheet. I’m playing Audeiu Nuccius, an Imperial Praetorian. It’s a custom class I made that’s kind of like a polearm focused warrior with hints of agility and personality skills.

More to come!

summer playlist;songs that make me excited for summer and make me remember that in a few weeks the stuff i’m learning in math with be irrelevant.

01. charlie brown - coldplay // 02. all summer long - kid rock // 03. three little birds - bob marley // 04. california girls - the beach boys // 05. country girl (shake it for me) - luke bryan // 06. island in the sun - weezer // 07.dont worry be happy - bob marley // 08. paradise - coldplay // 09. daylight - matt and kim // 010. houdini - foster the people // 011. cruis - floridageorgialine // 012. bastille - pompeii


MyPlay Direct is balls

Right another rant at the site that does the Union J merch

Today I have recieved an email saying they are sending me a signed CD (one I have recieved AND paid for) and charging me another £3.49 for it…


Is it just me having this problem? They messed up on a 50% code, cancelling an order, charging me wrong and now this!

SLOW DANCING WITH NIALL.  some of my favorite slow songs. with sweet caroline at the end. my friend requested this because she did not go to prom. so why not share.

01. song for sienna - brian crain  // 02. raindrops - regina spektor // 03. we move lightly - dustin o’halloran // 04. truly madly deeply - one direction // 05. flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine // 06. a thousand years - christina perri // 07. fire in the water - feist // 08. slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer // 09. cant help falling in love - ingrid michaelson // 10. sweet caroline - bag raiders 

→ L I S T E N  H E R E ←

SHUT UP AND LISTEN what can i say my music taste spans many varieties. hope you like.

01. mr.brightside - the killers   // 02. when the sun goes down - arctic monkeys // 03. somebody told me - the killers // 04. odyssey - the wyld // 05. needle - born ruffians // 06. old yellow bricks - arctic monkeys // 07. young blood - the naked and famous // 08. teenage dirtbag - wheatus // 09. jerk it out - ceasars // 10. wrecking bar - the vaccines // 11. sleepyhead - passion pit  // 12. what you know - two door cinema club //

 L I S T E N  H E R E ←