My PJO story

I was in 8th grade and I knew of the movie but never the books and as I spoke with my friend Gabriella who had almost all the books she told me I had to read it and the next day she gave me the first book the moment it touched my hands I knew this was going to be a wild ride and as I kept reading and reading I finished the book that I never really put down I knew I was in and going to go with it till the end I might not have been there from the beginning but these Characters taught me so many things  Annabeth Chase showed me that being wise doesn’t make you any less strong, Grover Underwood showed me that its okay to be afraid but to always confront what scares you, Thalia Grace showed me that sacrifice is sacred, Luke Castellan showed me that if you make mistakes their is always a chance to fix them, Nico Di Angelo showed me that being alone can be sad but as long as you remember those closest to you you will always feel them near and that sometimes your never really alone, Clarisse showed me that sometimes your the black sheep in the family and that’s okay because that makes you special, Hazel Levesque showed me that the past is in the past and that the present and the future from here on out is what matters, Frank Zhang taught me that no matter who you are or where your from their is always going to be something incredibly unique as long as we believe in ourselves, Piper McLean taught me that beauty always comes from within and that love always prevails, Jason Grace taught me that confronting the past is an important part of moving forward, Rachel dare showed that being normal is okay and that no matter what you make your own destiny, Reyna Avila Ramirez who is PUERTO RICAN ( like me whoo) that where you come from doesn’t matter so long as you keep those sweet memories within you and you make your own home no matter what challenges…. and now the one lesson that really makes me sad to know that this story is soon coming to an end Percy Jackson showed me that Friends and Family are most important…

These Characters changed my life… and I will Always ALWAYS keep them close to my heart.. no matter how it ends because they have been my best friend whenever I thought I was alone so for those who will in the future read Percy Jackson and the lightning thief… treat those character with love and compassion…because they will be there for you whenever you feel alone

~Bloody Truth of Life

okay so Mari (aka percyyoulittleshit) and I came together for this special occasion to co-write a fic as a birthday present for the wonderful shanlightyear

it’s an AU of sorts, enjoy sweetie. Feliz Cumpleaños from the two of us <3

It’s ridiculous when you think about it, but Annabeth really does want to murder him.

Okay perhaps not murder him but maybe leave him in a state where he is disabled for the rest of the semester so he can stop stealing her sandwich.

She has no idea what his name is, how old is he or what he is studying; the only thing she knows for sure is that his personal goal is to make her Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s suck because he always, always ends up picking the last sandwich. The only one Annabeth likes.

Annabeth has a routine: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after her 12pm class she walks to the cafeteria, buys her delicious honey and mustard chicken sandwich, and eats it as she reads her book until it’s time for her 2:30pm class. But a few weeks after term started, sandwich boy screws everything up. He starts turning up thirty seconds before her and taking her sandwich.

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i’ve had this in my head for a few days now and have just found the time to get it down. it’s a vague continuation of the library AU


‘Why do people even come here if they’re just gonna do that?’ Annabeth muttered, shoving a book back onto the shelf with a little more force than necessary. Percy eyed the stacks as they shuddered, if Annabeth kept on like that the entire shelf might fall on top of them. ‘I mean,’ she went on, ‘it’s a library. Go to the park or something if you want to play The Biggest Asshole.’

Percy couldn’t retain his laughter, his shoulders shook with it as he picked up another book from the trolley. ‘You should come more often on a Sunday; I love it when you’re irrationally grumpy.’

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. ‘Are you looking to be a contestant?’ When he tucks his smile away with a bitten lip, she huffs again. ‘I came here today with the idea of getting work done in a quiet environment.’

His grin couldn’t be hidden this time. ‘And here you are, stacking books with me.’ He handed her a thick volume to stow on the shelf and she took it from him with playfully narrowed eyes.

‘I couldn’t focus with that noise.’

Percy didn’t choose to point out the silent study area on the top floor or the chunky headphones and iPod he knew she had in her messenger bag. He also didn’t say anything about her current assignment requiring mostly online sources and therefore making her trips to the library mostly unnecessary; she could just as easily work from home. But here she was anyway, and Percy couldn’t find a reason to complain; he even enjoyed her company when she was in an awful mood.

He was beginning to think it was a problem; quite how much he enjoyed her company.

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anonymous asked:

Can u please do a oneshot were Annabeth teases Percy's Achilles heel???? *fails at winking at you because i cant wink*

She does it when they’re not even training; when it’s of absolutely no advantage to her to touch that oh so sensitive spot on his lower back. They’ll be walking to dinner and she’ll slip an arm around his waist and brush her fingers under the hem of his shirt; she just grins at him when he jerks away and shoots her a glare. When they are sat together at council meetings or at the beach or around the campfire, her arm slips around his waist and her fingers hesitate over that spot and a little shiver rocks through him.

It’s a clear evening and just cold enough to warrant sweaters over their camp Half-Blood t-shirts as they roast marshmallows. Percy and Annabeth’s shoulders are pressed together when her hand slips around his back and he braces for the tickling sensation as her fingers brush over that spot. Annabeth grins to herself as she always does and leans into his side, Percy lifts his arm over her shoulders and tips his head to whisper in her ear.

'Why d'you always do that?' he asks.

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anonymous asked:

Request: Awkwards post sex drabbles aboard Argo ll. that moment like right after you have sex and you are positive that everyone who sees you just KNOWS you've had sex, and it just makes you all the more suspicious and awkward. I can see this happening to poor Percy after percabeth first time

He wakes up feeling like he has slept for a week. He automatically lifts a hand to rubs his face and finds it trapped. Opening his eyes, Percy sees a mass of curly blonde hair on the pillow next to him. And then Annabeth rolls over to face him, still asleep, and clutching the sheet under to her chest. Percy’s arm is underneath her neck, the other draped over her middle.

He is confused for a beat before the previous night comes racing back to him and he is suddenly finding it difficult to breathe quietly and he can feel his face turning scarlet. Sure enough when he checks, because of course he checks, they are both naked under the sheets.

And then the scenarios start running through his head:

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anonymous asked:

Percabeth, finding out each other's disgusting habits :)

Annabeth stared at him. ‘Did you just eat that?’

'What?' he said, swallowing the popcorn.

'Off the floor. You ate it off the floor, like a dog.'

'Five second rule, it's fine!'

'The bacteria and dirt doesn't wait five seconds before touching the food you drop on the floor.'

He stuffed another handful of popcorn into his mouth. ‘What’s the big deal?’

'It's disgusting.'

'Everyone does disgusting things.'

'I don't.'

He looked at her and raised one eyebrow. ‘You fart in your sleep, Annabeth.’

'I do not.'

He nodded, looking at the TV screen. ‘Yeah, you do.’

She scoffed, slightly horrified. ‘I don’t,’ she said meekly.

'Yeah, you do.'

'Well… you still shouldn't eat food off the floor.'

'You stop farting in your sleep and I'll stop eating off the floor.'





I can’t say no to you guys

part one

By the time 5am rolled around Annabeth’s butt was numb. Percy stared up at her as she stretched her clasped hands over her head and shivered as her t-shirt rode up, exposing her belly.

Percy cleared his throat. ‘Wanna go explore?’

Annabeth straightened her top, raising an eyebrow at him. ‘We’re in a hotel.’

Percy stood and gave her a crooked little grin. ‘Exactly.’

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when Percy tells Annabeth about the incident. blame the anon okay


‘You.’ Annabeth bites her lip. ‘You did what?’

‘You’re supposed to be being sympathetic.’ Percy frowns at her.

‘I am, I am. I just… I can’t believe you were hanging up there without pa—’ she breaks off with a loud snort of laughter.


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if you like pina coladas (and getting caught in the rain)

i had a search through my inbox to see if i could match this to any requests but i can’t. so here’s some punk!annabeth rich!percy that no one asked for

note: there is a considerable amount of swearing in this fic, so if that makes you uncomfortable then sorry


Annabeth tugged her leather jacket on, pulling up the collar and ignoring the now torrential rain as she marched down the gravel driveway, feeling her anger build inside of her like a caged animal. She shouldn’t have come, she had known this from the instant they pulled onto this ridiculous driveway lined obnoxiously with cherry trees and hedges cut into swans and bloody parakeets.

But she had persevered, for Percy. Because she actually liked this guy, and despite his outrageously wealthy background, he seemed like a nice person. Boy, how wrong could a girl be? It wasn’t like he’d personally insulted her, but he had stood around and let his stick-up-their-asses friends do it.

Annabeth heard a voice howling through the wind behind her, catching up to her. She stepped up her pace, but her heeled boots weren’t exactly the best footwear for a fast get away.

‘Annabeth!’ he called again, catching up to her and drawing her round with a hand on her arm.

She shook him off and glared at him before walking off again with her arms folded tightly around herself. Percy jogged alongside her, rain ruining his jacket and plastering his bangs to his forehead.

‘Would you just… Annabeth! Will you listen to me? I’m sorry!’

‘Fuck off, Percy.’

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To worlds unknown

okay i’ll admit i got a little carried away with this one

but Viria’s pirate au kind of got me excited.


As soon as he set foot on board ship he felt a shift. He belonged here. Though the deck shifted as small waves rolled around the harbour, he felt surer-footed than he ever did on land. He was born for this, the sea. It was in his very blood.

The ship was small in comparison to most he’d set foot on. Though it had the same look as every other pirate ship he had seen. Mooring lines hung everywhere, aged wood supported barrels and crates, masts soared upwards, supporting great white sails. The crew around him bustled about carrying cargo. He set his own barrel of gunpowder down next to a row of others.

From the amount of supplies they were bringing on board, Percy guessed that they would not be making port again for a long time. The thought was comforting. Every time they made port his heart sunk a little bit. It felt as if he was leaving part of himself behind on deck whenever his foot touched the wood of the harbour.

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Percy awkwardly unlocked the green front door to his apartment and slipped through sideways, clutching a mess of papers under one arm and nearly dropping them as he kicked the door shut behind him.

‘Annabeth?’ he called out as the door slammed home.

‘Bathroom.’ Came the lazy reply.

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Okay, this is a little project I started way back in January and have finally managed to finish, I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Shout out to Mari for keeping me sane, and to Lottie who was a hero and beta-ed for me.

When they were four, she made him cry. When they were twenty-three, he made her cry. There have been numerous incidents in-between, but these two stand out above everything else. Because the first time signified the beginning of their friendship, and the other signified the end of it.

Word Count: 19,874

read it on or AO3


'Sally, they are not love notes,' Piper insisted in something close to a groan as she wiped down the sparkly pink bar.

Sally tilted her head and gave her an are you serious? look. ‘Piper, honey. The boy takes time out of his day to write you messages-‘

'And they make you blush like crazy,' Her black-haired colleague said with a maddening grin as he leant casually against the counter she was trying to clean. 'So he must say somethin’ mushy.'

'Shut up, Percy,' she said as Annabeth looked up from her enormous textbook to smack his arm.

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