Heyah Tumblrmates!

Cheers for a rainy day today. Just wanted to share my first blog to do an “OOTD” which is very popular on IG. My fambam decided to go to Fontana for a sweet weekend escapade. And for my look, i decided just to be their driver, liason woman in one —means that i won’t try to dip in the water!

Here it is for my look, decided to have an “Orange Day” theme.. So i pulled out my high waisted short and white top where i bought from a bazaar in shaw last Dec 2012. My axxes is from Divi, an orange necklace with touch of gold for only Php 80 pesos.. A good grasp, isn’t  it?? My shoes is my all-time fave @poshpocketshoes on IG and my dainty bag from @faabavenue on IG as well.. This summer feel look doesn’t stop.me even if its on a gloomy rainy day.. :)

Btw, thank yoi to my sister for this fab shot —see her reflection?? Photo taken near the Fontana lobby before we head on for some tickets to the waterpark..

Anyhoo, have a safe Rainy sunday guys!!

Vacation Mode

"When you work hard, sometimes, you get rewarded for a vacation"

It’s not only in a relationship that  you needed space even at work. Most of the time, work tends to give us headaches and sometimes heartaches as well. That’s why, after a long tine, i can give myself some of the priveleges at work —to file a Vacation Leave— and since its weekend, i consider it as a vacation also.. away from work, away from reality. I filed for the 5 days leave plus 2 weekends and 2 days holiday.. that’s a 9 days vacation for me. Yipee!!!

My weekend vacation start tomorrow with my fambam! We decided to go to fontana and celebrate JL’s bday. Then on wed, i am off to Kalibo for a “me time vacation” with friends. Whew! After 5 years, am off to a beautiful paradise again.. :)

that’s for now! :) will be detaching to reality for now.. i mEan no work-related stuff for me.. yeahooo!!!!