Fabbity fab evening!

Faced going out for daddios birthday and had chicken burger and corn on the cob from nandos! Eee big challenge of eating OUT and trusting others! Got a bit sad bc parents shouted at me about my outfit so i untucked my top from my trousers (which I love and are so comfy for super high waisters!) but didn’t let it get to me. Really amazing how your kind can change - in August I went, after restricting prior (I remember thinking ‘Thank gosh I “saved up” for it’ as it was spontaneous) and struggling with portion sizes!! This went down ok! Filling but ok & managed (: didn’t let any thoughts get the better of me and actually just WANTED to clear my plate (aside from salad because ew heheh).

I got my gramps a birthday card which I really funny and basically says the card can be used as a fart wafter, and even though ive already got mum a Mother’s Day gift I saw this really cool cat note holder from Blott and couldn’t resist, yknow when you just have to get it? Wanted to maybe get hair dye but mums feet were killing so we headed back. I may or may not have treated myself to the new 3ds too ;) Yep thoughts of ‘you’ll regret this, you shouldn’t spend so much’ but let’s ignore them. so im waiting for it to charge!

I’m exhausted though today, as ive spent it reading because I need to finish my book (15 pages left!!) and ive ached today, and also because ive been gonna bed later and waking up early but sleeping the night, so early night for me. So finishing it off with a big bowl of alphabites (spelling how I feel about food rn) and soya milk then will have the fortisip.

I can’t believe ive gone out, no restricting in the day, enjoyed it (ok other than the fact I think my spice tolerance has increased because I found it too plain!) and well basically im using this so I can work up to going out more & to different places (: feeling happy and sleepy.