Admin P's fav fav favs

Anterograde Tomorrow - I’m pretty sure every other admin is going to put this on their favourites BUT I’M DOING IT TOO GODDAMNIT. If there’s a single Kaisoo shipper who hasn’t read this quite frankly I’m ashamed you need to sit yourself down and rethink life hun u missin out.
Countdown - don’t talk to me I’m still not okay
gicleur  - please don’t ever bring this up around me I will cry.
Arbitrage - /cries a river guys no seriously if you haven’t read you need to re-evaluate your life what are you doing
Gods Are Like Star (Born Dying) - I don’t know why I read this even after the title and the warnings heavily implied I will not survive it. 
Off to the Races - some people just want to watch the world burn
the boy who blocked his own shot - again, some people..
The Boy with the Blues - i’ve read this at least 5 times and i regret nothing
Pavlovian - perfect, literally perfect. this was the first fic i read where kyungsoo wasnt a weak ass bitch and it opened my eyes to the world of top!soo (even if hes a bottom in this fic, hes a top in my heart)
How to Disappear Completely this is just??
in the territory of the dragon king - not kaisoo but this is 122,000 words of pure perfection, i’ve never come across a story with so much detail and guys its perfect okay please just read this it doesnt matter if you dont ship baeksoo its just so goddamn good, probably one of the best written fics in this whole fandom
Turns on a Dime - okay so this fic got deleted or something but it was just so well written and completely goddamn beautiful I’m going to put it here anyway.
A Thousand Septembers - you don’t know pain until you’ve read this
Seven of Swords - stop whatever you’re doing and read this now
Thunderbirds - sigh, what do i even say to this
Tank Tops and Tattoos (With a Side of You) - smut smut smut brilliant smut
thoughts; pernicious  - /cries a river because this fic sucks so fucking much
Summer Children (Zodiac) - AYEEEEEE who hasn’t read this why am I ever putting it here oh well its brilliant
sleep with the window open - tbh i only read this because of the warnings (sex with buildings what?) but i’m so goddamn glad i found this. The way it’s written and jongin and kyungsoo’s character development are both just beautiful and this is fantastic ok
A Taste of Compulsion - what the fuck. that is all i have to say for this beast
Kaleidoscopes - this fic feels like someones anal raping my heart without any lube and then punching me in the face just because it can AND I LOVE IT every time i read it it only gets better and how its written? from end to beginning? and the fact that jongin will do it all again just because kyungsoo is worth it? fuck me right in the feels
Poor Unfortunate Souls - this is equally as painful on the tenth time i read this as it was on the first. even if the ending is ‘good’ i really cant help but feel for what sehun and tao must going through
I Have Died Every Day, Waiting For You - favourite baekyeol fic of all time. it’s beautiful from start to finish. the way chanyeol is so utterly devoted to baekhyun is heart breaking
Fragile Eternity   - this shit is no joke on the angst BUT THAT LAST LINE THO??

That is all for now, i might add more later because i have a nagging feeling i’ve left some out but yes!

On another note, farewell to admin V, i’m sorry we didnt get to know each other well before you left, but i’m grateful to even be known as an admin alongside you. i wish you well in everything you do from now on, you were a total babe to this blog and you shall not be forgotten <3