Well… I don’t usually post my crushes but I checked it today and this is the result. 

  • Miguel and Arissa always are here ‘cause they are awesome and also their tumblrs. If you are not following them, trust me, you should!
  • Erotomania1928 is a great blog dedicated to Dream Theater.
  • Thordenthal  I think he is chilean. A chilean metalhead. If you didn’t know, chilean metalhead rocks. If you don’t believe me, ask any metal band which has been played here. 
  • Mypersonalfallout has a great music taste and his tumblr has a lot of pictures of guitar and bass players! 

I don’t know the others but… Probably they are great too :) 


    For those who have been following me for a while now you may have noticed that on the rare occasion that I do post an image of myself; it’s usually some sort of live shot. I hardly ever take ‘selfies’ (I hate that term). 

    It’s not because I’m self conscious of how I look or anything like that; they’re just simply not my thing. Side note: how the fuck do some people manage to take like 30 shots of themselves a day??

    Anyway, the top image was taken 3 years ago (aged 18) & the bottom image was taken 3 minutes ago (aged 21). 

    Amazing how time flies.