okay so Mari (aka percyyoulittleshit) and I came together for this special occasion to co-write a fic as a birthday present for the wonderful shanlightyear

it’s an AU of sorts, enjoy sweetie. Feliz Cumpleaños from the two of us <3

It’s ridiculous when you think about it, but Annabeth really does want to murder him.

Okay perhaps not murder him but maybe leave him in a state where he is disabled for the rest of the semester so he can stop stealing her sandwich.

She has no idea what his name is, how old is he or what he is studying; the only thing she knows for sure is that his personal goal is to make her Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s suck because he always, always ends up picking the last sandwich. The only one Annabeth likes.

Annabeth has a routine: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after her 12pm class she walks to the cafeteria, buys her delicious honey and mustard chicken sandwich, and eats it as she reads her book until it’s time for her 2:30pm class. But a few weeks after term started, sandwich boy screws everything up. He starts turning up thirty seconds before her and taking her sandwich.

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anonymous said:

percabeth--"Stop trying to cheer me up!"

Percy dropped face down on his bed and let out a groan into his pillow. He faintly heard Annabeth close the door to his cabin and walk over to his bed, the springs bounced as she sat down next to him.

'It's not that bad,' she said, 'at least he only put you on washing up duty for a week.'

When he made no reply, she poked him in the ribs and shuffled onto the bed so that she was lying down next to him, face up.

'I mean really,' she continued, 'Chiron gave Jenny Maycott three weeks of stable duty yesterday, I think he went pretty easy on you.' She carried on as if he wasn't blatantly ignoring her. 'And we're playing Capture the Flag tomorrow, and I figured you could team up with mine and the Apollo cabin. Clarisse is still pissed at me, but I'm pretty sure we can take her. And then your parents are coming down-'

'Annabeth,' he muttered, interrupting her chirpy voice, 'stop trying to cheer me up.'


He turned his head to look at her, her face was only inches away from his. ‘Please,’ he said.


'Annabeth!' he groaned into his pillow.

She huffed and went silent for a moment. and for that moment, Percy thought he might have won, he clearly forgot who his girlfriend was in that moment. The next thing he knew, Annabeth was lying on top of him, feet tangling with his and her chin on his shoulder.

'What are you doing?' his voice was muffled even as he turned his head to the side.

'Giving you a hug,' she said. 'I think you need one.'

And he did. actually.

i’ve had this in my head for a few days now and have just found the time to get it down. it’s a vague continuation of the library AU


‘Why do people even come here if they’re just gonna do that?’ Annabeth muttered, shoving a book back onto the shelf with a little more force than necessary. Percy eyed the stacks as they shuddered, if Annabeth kept on like that the entire shelf might fall on top of them. ‘I mean,’ she went on, ‘it’s a library. Go to the park or something if you want to play The Biggest Asshole.’

Percy couldn’t retain his laughter, his shoulders shook with it as he picked up another book from the trolley. ‘You should come more often on a Sunday; I love it when you’re irrationally grumpy.’

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. ‘Are you looking to be a contestant?’ When he tucks his smile away with a bitten lip, she huffs again. ‘I came here today with the idea of getting work done in a quiet environment.’

His grin couldn’t be hidden this time. ‘And here you are, stacking books with me.’ He handed her a thick volume to stow on the shelf and she took it from him with playfully narrowed eyes.

‘I couldn’t focus with that noise.’

Percy didn’t choose to point out the silent study area on the top floor or the chunky headphones and iPod he knew she had in her messenger bag. He also didn’t say anything about her current assignment requiring mostly online sources and therefore making her trips to the library mostly unnecessary; she could just as easily work from home. But here she was anyway, and Percy couldn’t find a reason to complain; he even enjoyed her company when she was in an awful mood.

He was beginning to think it was a problem; quite how much he enjoyed her company.

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I can’t say no to you guys

part one

By the time 5am rolled around Annabeth’s butt was numb. Percy stared up at her as she stretched her clasped hands over her head and shivered as her t-shirt rode up, exposing her belly.

Percy cleared his throat. ‘Wanna go explore?’

Annabeth straightened her top, raising an eyebrow at him. ‘We’re in a hotel.’

Percy stood and gave her a crooked little grin. ‘Exactly.’

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if you like pina coladas (and getting caught in the rain)

i had a search through my inbox to see if i could match this to any requests but i can’t. so here’s some punk!annabeth rich!percy that no one asked for

note: there is a considerable amount of swearing in this fic, so if that makes you uncomfortable then sorry


Annabeth tugged her leather jacket on, pulling up the collar and ignoring the now torrential rain as she marched down the gravel driveway, feeling her anger build inside of her like a caged animal. She shouldn’t have come, she had known this from the instant they pulled onto this ridiculous driveway lined obnoxiously with cherry trees and hedges cut into swans and bloody parakeets.

But she had persevered, for Percy. Because she actually liked this guy, and despite his outrageously wealthy background, he seemed like a nice person. Boy, how wrong could a girl be? It wasn’t like he’d personally insulted her, but he had stood around and let his stick-up-their-asses friends do it.

Annabeth heard a voice howling through the wind behind her, catching up to her. She stepped up her pace, but her heeled boots weren’t exactly the best footwear for a fast get away.

‘Annabeth!’ he called again, catching up to her and drawing her round with a hand on her arm.

She shook him off and glared at him before walking off again with her arms folded tightly around herself. Percy jogged alongside her, rain ruining his jacket and plastering his bangs to his forehead.

‘Would you just… Annabeth! Will you listen to me? I’m sorry!’

‘Fuck off, Percy.’

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Okay, this is a little project I started way back in January and have finally managed to finish, I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Shout out to Mari for keeping me sane, and to Lottie who was a hero and beta-ed for me.

When they were four, she made him cry. When they were twenty-three, he made her cry. There have been numerous incidents in-between, but these two stand out above everything else. Because the first time signified the beginning of their friendship, and the other signified the end of it.

Word Count: 19,874

read it on ff.net or AO3

Percy awkwardly unlocked the green front door to his apartment and slipped through sideways, clutching a mess of papers under one arm and nearly dropping them as he kicked the door shut behind him.

‘Annabeth?’ he called out as the door slammed home.

‘Bathroom.’ Came the lazy reply.

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anonymous said:

Percabeth, "Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

Annabeth picks up the fifth piece of lego that day, sighing at the nuisance of her children. Usually she would get them to do this themselves, but as it is Jamie’s birthday today, she is spoiling them all rotten. That’s the Jackson family rule for birthdays; no rules. Whoever’s birthday it is is treated like royalty.

Percy and Annabeth had held the tradition for a long time, before they were married and had three children to interrupt their bedroom time. She sighs and closes the door to the playroom behind her, carrying on through the house in search of the rest of the Jackson clan. When she had left them, the three of them were playing a board game in the living room, but they had fallen silent a while ago.

She walks into the living room. ‘Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.’

Annabeth stops in her tracks as she takes in the image before her. Percy lies on his back across the sofa, with his feet hanging off one end and his head propped on cushions at the other. Between his legs, with her head on a cushion propped between Percy’s feet, is Sophia. Her raven hair is coming out of its plaits and her pretty little mouth hangs open, a trickle of drool seeping from one corner. Three year old Jamie lies on Percy’s chest with his thumb in his mouth and Percy’s hand resting on his back. He rises and falls with each of Percy’s deep breaths.

They are all completely undisturbed by Annabeth’s entrance; even as she drapes a blanket over them all and kisses each of their foreheads. She leaves them as they are and sets about tidying up the rest of the house.

To worlds unknown

okay i’ll admit i got a little carried away with this one

but Viria’s pirate au kind of got me excited.


As soon as he set foot on board ship he felt a shift. He belonged here. Though the deck shifted as small waves rolled around the harbour, he felt surer-footed than he ever did on land. He was born for this, the sea. It was in his very blood.

The ship was small in comparison to most he’d set foot on. Though it had the same look as every other pirate ship he had seen. Mooring lines hung everywhere, aged wood supported barrels and crates, masts soared upwards, supporting great white sails. The crew around him bustled about carrying cargo. He set his own barrel of gunpowder down next to a row of others.

From the amount of supplies they were bringing on board, Percy guessed that they would not be making port again for a long time. The thought was comforting. Every time they made port his heart sunk a little bit. It felt as if he was leaving part of himself behind on deck whenever his foot touched the wood of the harbour.

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anonymous said:

A while back you wrote a drunk Percy fic that was all kinds of cute and fluffy and made me all tingly with percabeth feels so I was wondering if you would pretty pretty please maybe do something with a drunk Annabeth and Percy being all well Percy looking after her.

Percy groans in his sleep, fumbling blindly for his ringing cellphone - he really needs to change the ringtone from the Lion King song Leo switched it to last week - and looks at the caller ID. He rolls over and accepts the call.

'Annabeth?' he mumbles, voice thick with sleep.

'HEEYYY PERCY!' He cringes, holding the phone away from his ear. 'Percy? Hellooo? Are you there? Per-'

'I'm here,' he mumbles, 'are you alright?'

'Yeah, I'm good,' she replies serenely. He can faintly hear music, and the heavy sound of rain on the other end of the phone.

'Annabeth, where are the girls?'

'They're still inside. I felt a bit weird so I came outside.'

Percy sits up against the pillows and turns the bedside lamp on, rubbing his eyes. ‘You’re outside?’

'Uh huh.'

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anonymous said:

"Wait right there, dont move!" Percabeth

'Wait right there, don't move!'

Percy’s voice is filled with glee even as it echoes in Annabeth’s memory. The pure expression of joy radiates out of him as he smiles and opens the door for her; as she clambers into the car, pulling the long white skirt of her dress behind her; as he presses her hand to his mouth and kisses her knuckles; as he says Mrs Annabeth Jackson for the hundredth time since they left the church.

His happiness is like a pebble thrown into a pool of water, the ripples splay out and fill up her heart with joy. But they are fading now, the pool falls still and empty and she is left alone in a waiting room with blood staining her wedding dress.

How could it be that something so common as a car accident brought them to this? After everything they have faced; after every year she has returned to Camp Half Blood and there have been missing faces around the too-merry campfire; after the shrouds she has seen burnt to the sky. After all of their battles with gods and titans and hell itself. A drunk driver might be what takes Percy’s life short.

Annabeth sits on a cold plastic chair and gasps at the sudden coldness in her chest. Her red hands come together against the white of her dress and, for the first time in years, she prays to every god she knows the name of for mercy; for them to save one insignificant mortal life.

i dont think you guys can understand how much i love this AU

some anons requested more Punk!Percy a while back

‘I’ve changed my mind,’ Percy said, reeling away from the large white building, ‘I can’t do this.’

Annabeth sighed. It had taken weeks of persuasion and copious amounts of bribery to get him to this point. When she first brought it up, he had outright laughed in her face, earning a smack on the shoulder.


‘Annabeth,’ he had said, setting his hands on her waist. He was sat on the end of his bed, making his mouth level with her navel. He drew her closer. ‘Sweetheart—’ She glared at him. ‘I don’t do weddings.’

‘What do you mean you don’t do weddings? What sort of an answer is that?’

He shrugged and released her waist, throwing himself back onto the mattress. His reply came muffled through the arm he’d slung over his face.

‘I try to avoid formal occasions in general. They cramp my style.’

‘Percy, this is my cousin’s wedding. My entire family will be there.’

‘All the more reason for me not to go.’

‘Ass,’ she muttered.

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a little thing called hope

Annabeth decided before the credits even finished that this was a movie she was not going to remotely enjoy. But she was never one to not give things a chance; and besides, she was far too comfortable on Sally’s couch, amongst blankets and cushions and Percy, to get up and switch the damn thing off. But after only twenty minutes of attempting to focus on the bland storyline and willing herself to not get angry at the ditsy love interest, Annabeth was at her wits end. Usually Percy would have distracted her by now, by fidgeting in some way or telling her he was bored or flicking popcorn at her or something. But he had been completely silent the whole time.

Looking over at him, Annabeth could see something wasn’t right. He sat unusually upright, his feet planted on the floor, hands pressed between his thighs. He stared off at something beyond the television screen, his eyebrows drawn heavily over squinting eyes, his bottom lip drawn into his mouth as he gnawed on it. Annabeth knew that expression; good things did not often cause or follow that expression.

With a sigh, she stood up from the comfort of the couch and turned the awful movie off. Percy blinked slowly and released his lip; which was red from his ceaseless chewing. She sat down next to him again, prying his hands from his lap and taking them in hers.

‘Now are you going to tell me what’s going on?’ she asked. ‘Or am I going to have to practice my mind-reading skills?’

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haven’t written any angst for a while, so i thought i’d break the fluff streak

listen please


She stares up at him. Dust covered and red-faced, jaw clenched as he holds onto her with all of his strength. Nico and Hazel grip Percy’s other arm as he hangs over the edge of the chasm and they are a chain of bodies, the weight at the end of Annabeth’s ankle a pendulum too heavy for them to support.

She knows she will fall.

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twas going to be smut but i lost interest halfway through, so have some make-out percabeth instead

‘Why don’t… we ever get time alone anymore?’ Annabeth mumbles as Percy traces his lips down her throat.
He pauses, kissing her collarbone and lingering there, before mumbling a response, ‘We never had time alone. We just didn’t want to do this before.’

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okay Mari gave me this gorgeous little quote to play with and i was already in the Boarding School AU mindset, so i wrote a little snippet of Percy and Annabeth pretty far into the story.

here is the boarding school tag so far

Annabeth looked hopeless. Percy had never seen her look like that; without her usual determination and downright arrogance raging out of her very pores. It felt like he was imposing somehow, like he was seeing her without any clothes on. Intimate. She was bare and open before him in a way she had never been before.

"I don’t know what to do," she said. And that scared him more than anything. "I’m not even my own person any more. It’s just like I belong to her and she can decide everything about my life."

Percy shook his head mutely. He knew his wasn’t true; Annabeth’s mother was controlling and had laid out Annabeth’s path a long time ago, but Annabeth had still always seemed like her own person to Percy; quietly defiant against everything in her own complicated way. She wasn’t like Piper, with her blatant rule breaking and care free attitude towards any position of authority. Annabeth was far more subtle. She worked her ass off at school and in her dozens of extra-curricular activities for herself. She never expected anything to be given to her without her own effort, she refused any privileges that might be given to her because of her parents’ wealth and position.

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