You have probably seen these pictures and names of body shapes floating around for years. For women with PCOS, the most common place that you gain weight is the midriff or mid section of your stomach. That is know as the apple shaped body. Apples usually have big bust and a small to no waist.

Some facts you should know about apples if you are going/or have been in a weight loss journey are:

- the first place you gain is the last place you lose ( AKA the stomach)

- there is such as thing as a small apple

- there is such a thing as a flat stomach on an apple 

- you may not be an apple if you overweight. You cannot change your bones but fat can change the way your body would look if you lost fat. 

Lastly, your body shape is beautiful :). Flaunt it, work it, whatever. 

Saw a doctor today.

So, today I got to see a doctor about my pcos. She was very sweet and understanding and prescribed me some metformin. She also gave me a referral to go see a dermatologist for the hirsutism and the dark spots on my legs and chin. She also wanted labs but me and my big butt did not fast today :/…

Has anybody else had any doctor experiences?