I was front row, and Phil stood in front of me the whole time and he kept looking at me. (Austin also smiled at me a couple of times). When I started crying during Second & Sebring Phil looked me right in the eye during most of the song. When they finished playing he kept looking straight at me and reached out his hand, keeping it clenched in a fist until I held it. Then he opened his hand and put the guitar pick he’d played the song with in my hand, making sure I didn’t drop it. After the gig I went to their bus. I showed my tattoo to everyone except Austin cause he couldn’t come out and they were so amazed and Alan and Aaron remember having seen it on instagram. I gave Phil a letter I had written, he thanked me for writing it and I told him how their music was there for me when no one else was. Then we talked about how music is always there to comfort you, no matter what and discussed some of their new music. Aaron and Tino were so fucking in love with my tattoo. When I showed them my tattoo and/or said I was from Norway they all said something like “oh you’re that girl!” They all even remembered having met me, even Phil who hadn’t seen me since Manchester 7 months ago!! Alan and Aaron also said they had seen on instagram and twitter that I was flying in from Norway, and since my face wasn’t on any of those pictures, it means they recognize my name. I had a nice, long chat with all four of them and they’re just so amazing. I love them to death.