Shawn Spencer & Burton Guster - Best Friends Since 1982

Shawn: Burton Guster has been my best friend since we were five. And maybe, just maybe, if any of you can look yourselves in the mirror and know that you’ve been half as good a friend to someone else as Gus has been to me, well you too can be considered great. Give it up for my best friend, Burton Guster.

SHAWN: Besides, I’m the one that does this. Wouldn’t it be weird if you started doing that all of a sudden?
GUS: I think it looks weird when anyone does it.
SHAWN: I think it looks pretty sweet when Simon Baker does it.
GUS: Simon Baker doesn’t do it.
SHAWN: He doesn’t?
GUS: No!
SHAWN: Huh. Well at least we have that.

Psych, 4x12 - A Very Juliet Episode