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Disney, I'd love I know which character you're most like :)

I think Merida. She’s like my spirit animal because I don’t want to get married, I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.

thanks for asking

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Because you did one for me I'll do one for you :) Fuck, Marry, and Have a drink with... Your contestants are: The British Edition- Luke Evans, Kit Harington, and Tom Hiddleston :) Love you <3

This maybe the hardest question anyone has ever asked me! I’m assuming a crazy four-way is out of the question. ;)

So I would definitely pick Kit as a drinking buddy. I feel like I have a few friends just like him and we would have a really fun night. We probably would get lost somewhere because let’s face it neither of us is that bright.

The next two though…ugh.


I think I have to go with Tom to fuck and Luke to marry. I dunno why and can’t really explain my decision. Either one, either way is fine, but Lucas is a doll and I just want him to sing to me before I fall asleep and stroke my hair. Also I would climb Hiddles like a tree. Ok this is getting weird…


Thanks so much for the ask! You are perfect and I love you too dear!


mylifeonhold replied to your post: So… my university just severely fucked me over.

Need someone to talk to?

Oh you’re sweet. :) I don’t wanna trouble you with my problems. I just thought I would be graduating the end of this semester and they just informed me (via email) that I can’t because I don’t have enough credits. When at the beginning of the semester they told me I only have to take two more classes to graduate in January. Ugh It’s just very frustrating…