"Men theorized once that the world existed in a cycle of binary oppositions. They were not wrong. Humanity was created out of the wreckage of war—between what you call angels and demons. They are the embodiment of conflict. Darkness against light, above against below, life against death. The angels control the heavens, the demons control hell, and caught between them is us—humans; forgotten children of both. Do not think to attribute good or evil to either side. They care nothing for the middle ground, they only care about destroying each other. It is in their nature to play out this war until the stars themselves burn out into the nothingness. They can be loving, they can be hateful; they can cleave your head from your shoulders or place a balm upon your wounds. They would end our world just as quick as save it. Life is not always kind, death is not always cruel. It is the Deathless agents we must heap our hope upon; those that stand between us and them, neither living nor dead. Marya Morevna was the first, who sealed away her life and her death. From her sprung the Deathless, and they are all that shields us from the war between angels and demons."

the deathless | the warriors of hell


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