This blog is now on a semi permanent hiatus. I no longer have a muse for Maddie, plus there’s too much going in in myife and I’m getting a new puppy next week and need to devote all my time to training and.caring for her

You can only move forward,
And you can never go back

Take all the time you need
But let it flow like a stream
It must flow consistently
If not, you’ll die in all your dreams
I get it, there’s a lot
To sift through but it’s not
Feasible to turn the time piece
Accept it, respect it, move on.

These aren’t just words that I’m sayin’ in a high
My heart’s on my tongue and I’m layin’ in the sky
With this ache in my lungs, let’s call it a gun. I’ll lay it
Down to the ground ‘cause I’ve found that I must move on.

Hold on, I’m not done

—  Gen Trevino