Brought my husband home from having five teeth surgically removed. He wrote on the tablet that he wanted apple sauce since he hasn’t eaten since yesterday. I had to break the news that he had to wait for all the bleeding to stop before he could eat anything. He gave me a pout and wrote that I should just put the apple sauce on his lap so it will give him something to  push forward for. 

Happy first wedding anniversary to my husband. I love you so much and I promise nothing can change that. In the last year, we have grown so much closer and stronger. Even though the first six and a half months of our marriage we weren’t together, didn’t change a thing. We still came out stronger in the end. Yeah, we’ve had our share of fights, tears, laughter, arguments, disagreements, whatever it is. But who doesn’t? He’s my best friend & my husband and I wouldn’t change that for anything.