My Heart Goes On

Being a music Major clearly I love singing and music. Although Ive realized this summer especially I haven’t done that much singing from a personal standpoint…thats something that needs to change. But anyway, I use to sing so much as a kid. I remember for my 5th birthday my dad bought me a children’s cassette player thing that played and recorded cassette tapes, it also had microphones. man oh man did I use the heck out of that thing. I was always singing always recording myself doing so. The first song I remember hearing and actually liking was Celine Dione’s The Titanic theme song which is actually titled “ My heart Will go On”. Oh man every time that song would come on you couldn’t tell me a thing cause I was not listening I was obsessed! I sang it everywhere and all the time it was my first favorite song. I recorded tapes and tapes of me singing that song…wish I kept those. Now as a 21 year old I just saw the title of that song pop up on my computer screen and its not till now that I actually realized the meaning of that title. My heart will go on….my heart will go on. It does,  it actually does. You may be in despair, you may go through whatever.. and the heart will and always will go on…it goes on. 

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hi, so i have a question. c: my dad is getting me floor seats close to the stage for a concert in June. but since they're so expensive, it will only be me and him going. do you think that it's still worth it to go? i mean, after all, I'll be surrounded by other directioners. :)

omg but of course it’s worth it… you will be seeing them from a great view and you will be surrounded with girls/boys that love 1d… and yes totally worth it. Besides, I went to a concert alone once… and it was great cause I was watching my idol =D

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these fans outside of Harry's house really confuse me, I mean, of course they love all of their fans but do these girls not realize that they're being annoying and rude? This is supposed to be the guys' time off, and they're spoiling it for them and their families.

yeah i know can you imagine waking up and looking out your window and seeing 69million girls just standing there with binoculars trying to peer inside your house 

that shit craic