Links to webpages where you can learn to read and write greek, as well as vocabularies and pronunciation.


Link 1 - Learning the greek alpabeth
Link 2 - To the main page
Link 3 - Learning phrases and pronunciation in 3 difficulty levels.
Also I recommend to get into greek music to learn more about the pronunciation.

Also I’d recommend to buy a dictionary and a beginners/travellers guide.

Learn basic Greek with Mihaela
Part 1

Good morning! - Kalimera! Καλημέρα!
Good day! - Kalimera!/Herete! Καλημέρα!/χαιρετε!
Good evening! - Kalo vradi! Καλό βράδυ!
Good night! - Kalinihta! Καληνύχτα!
Hello! - Gia sas! Γεια σας
How are you? - Pos eisai;/ Ti kaneis; Πώς είσαι;/Τι κάνεισ;
How is it? - Pos einai; Πώς είναι;
Thank you, good. And you? - Sas efharisto, kalo. Kai esi; Σας ευχαριστώ, καλό. Και εσύ;
Have a nice day! - Kali sas mera! Καλή σας μέρα!
Have a nice weekend! - Kali sawatokiriako! Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!
Safe return home! - Asfalis epistrofi sto spiti! Ασφαλής επιστροφή στο σπίτι!
I am sorry but I have to go now. - Lipamai alla pretei na figo tora. Λυπάμαι, αλλά πρέπει να φύγω τώρα.
Goodbye! - Antio! Αντίο!

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Liturgical Greek

I just ordered those 2 books and I found a wonderful webpage where are liturgical texts in greek and english.
Since I gave my small liturgical greek/german dictionary away, as the small prayer book…. (Why did I do that. WHY DID I DO THAT ;_; )
I had to take care to get new things.

I will still work on the church slavonic posts , but this will be a lot more fun because greek is so much easier for me to learn. (Also I got into it years ago…)
If the books arrive I will post (you know I say that and then don’t do that, I try to change it) short reviews on them.

For the future I will plan to post liturgical texts in greek/english.
And I think I will prepare one post right now to give it a start.
This means I will have to overwork all of the main links on my main blog. 

Lord, have mercy on me.

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Learning how to read greek part 2

If you can spell Χέρια ψηλά (Chéria psi̱lá), congratulation. Then you are on a good way. This song is very good for the pronunciation.
Translation here.

”Σ’ένα θεό,σε σένα τώρα πιστεύω.” - In one God, now I believe in you.


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Learning how to read greek

If you learned the αλφάβητο (alphabet) I’d recommend to first learn how to read and spell/pronounce, and then later learn the vocabulary.
Learn with music.
This song is good since it is not too fast and the words are not too long. (Most of them.)
The translation to this song is here.


greek mythos → jennifer lawrence as artemis

the goddess of the hunt, wildlife, the moon, forests and hills. artemis, also known as diana, is the twin sister of apollon. she was born first during a quick and painless labour, and during the first hours of her life, she protected and helped her mother in birthing her brother, which was slow and painful. artemis is one of the virgin goddesses, she chose to remain without love and courtship, and therefore does not have any consorts or children.


There will be 2 new projects.

1 - Church Slavonic Project
2 - New Testament Greek Project

I finally installed the church slavonic programm and found at my work the book for new testamental greek (just God knows how it got there… like the icons… ).
Since the book is only part 2 I will try to find part 1 online, to buy it. I will start with this part, anyway.

I think I should start my project with an explanation of the letters, first.

The other projects I work on

will get continued, as well.

I know it is a lot at the same time but it is basically what I work on so I decided to share everything.
Like this I am even more motivated to learn because other people can learn together with me.

At the beginning I planned to have a webpage. But since I only know about design and not about programming I created this blog.
I hope that one day I can transfer all of the content (just the orthodox one) to an own webpage.

God bless you, all, and keep you safe. <3