I do not play about domestic violence.

When I was 17 I got into a relationship with someone who thought I was a punching bag. Very abusive, mentally and physically. I remember one time talking to my mom on the phone with blood coming from my mouth and nose and just smiling through the tears to talk to her. It ended on June 28, 2012 after they put a Paula Deen steak knife through my neck.

Anyways, I say that to tell y’all, a person will never just hit you once. Never. When you leave, make sure you don’t mention it to them. Pack your stuff secretly and leave while they’re at work or something but never tell them you’re leaving. Could cost you your life.


“Alright so what did you find out about the Persian Empire?” You asked Isaac. He turned to look at you. “Nothing.” He said making puppy dog eyes. “I don’t wanna do this.” He whined he pulled your laptop away from you and placed it on the floor before crawling into the bed with you. 

“Isaac.” You groaned and buried your face in your hands. “You do realize this is due tomorrow, right?” You asked looking down at him. He rested his head on your chest. “Then we won’t go to school tomorrow.” He said simply before pulling you lower into the bed so that you two were at eye level. 

“Don’t you dare start.” You warned when he started running one of his hands along your hips. “If you refuse to work on the project I refuse to go along with anything else you have planned.” You said. You rolled over so that you were giving him your back. 

You knew it wasn’t going to stop him, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you so that you were flush with his chest. His hands trailed along your waist seductively. “Do you really mean that?” He asked placing small kisses on your shoulder. “Yes.” You said pouting playfully. He spun you around so that you were facing him again. 

“But I love you.” He said placing a kiss on your slightly pouted lips. “I know what’ll make you smile.” He smirked and rolled over so that he was on top. He pinned your arms down with one hand before using his free hand to tickle you. You squirmed under him–biting your lip to keep from laughing. 

“I said I love you.” He teased, you shook your head refusing to give in. You lasted for another thirty seconds before you gave in. “Okay, okay, I love you too.” you said you saw him smile before he rolled away from you. “That’s what I thought.” He said pulling you into his arms. 

“You’re a jerk you know that?” You asked wrapping your arms around his neck. “You’ve mentioned it once or twice.” He shrugged and placed another kiss on your lips–one which you eagerly returned. 

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I felt “puffy” today, so I’m reminding myself of how great my body is and how lucky I am to be alive.

Almost a exactly a year has gone by between these two pictures.

In the first picture, I was caught in my eating disorder. If you can believe it, I thought my thighs were huge (now I am trying to grow my thighs).
I was obsessed with being able to control my body and food, I was always feeling my bony wrists and looking at my phone waiting for a friend to call who I knew never would. I was lost. I was hurting. I thought I could make myself happy by being thin.
Now I’m addicted to muscle and smiling. I’ve never smiled more in my life. I’ve posted progress pictures in the past, but never a bathing suit one.
This is me. This is healthy Aundrea. This is the person who surrounds herself with love and chooses to love others.
Never give up, no matter what road you’re on. You will find the way.

i used to make a tally on my thumb of every insult i got, as i got it and everything that made me sad on that day, and when i got home from school, for each mark i had on the tally chart, i would cut myself so i wouldn’t forget how worthless i was

now i do the same, but i make a tally of everything good i see in other people and myself, and when i get home i write each down so i don’t forget that there are so many reasons for living

things can get better

I had a big melt down and cry to my mum earlier and it actually after a little bit. To finally let some emotions out after feeling numb for a very long time.

I am currently babysitting and it has really helped my mood this evening.
We leave tomorrow for Cornwall around 9am aaah!

I also found out that my brother is suddenly coming along for a few days - we only heard from him today - very like him to be so short notice. At first I was really upset, but I am okay with it now, it is nice that he wants to spend time with us as the last time we saw him was Christmas.

Maybe this break away is just what I need. Today has been one of the biggest lows I have had for a long time. I was questioning everything including my own life - I haven’t felt this self destructive in forever. But I fought through it. I didn’t let it consume me completely. And I am proud to say that I did not use any restrictive or unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with it.
I sat through it.
I cried. I felt horrible.
I went through all the motions; but I have come out the other side. It has been a tough day, I am shattered and all I want is my bed, but it has shown me just how far I have come mentally in the past few months. I will not let this drag or hold me back. I will fight this.

The things you guys say about me in fan mail is truly amazing! You really love me!!!!!!!
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Okay so I was talking to my ex and he didn’t answer for a while and then someone texted me pretending to be him but it obviously wasn’t him, and they told me to get lost, jump into a pond, and cut myself. I think it was his mom because it was exactly how she texts and she hates me for no reason and she’s pretty much diagnosably crazy. I texted his dad because I didn’t know what to do and he’s trying to figure out if it was her. Idk, I’m really freaked out right now and all I want to do is talk to him but she has his phone. I’m sort of scared for his safety. I don’t know what to do