@britneyspears dancing with her friend Cade in 2011. #britneyspears @cadehudson22 #tb #besties

Todays reason to be happy...

so a year ago today, I posted this on instagram:


I had a BMI of around 15, I was dying and I was awfully depressed. I didn’t want to live nor did I see a future for myself. But today I am between 7-9kgs heavier, I am happy and I am excited for what is to come. I don’t care about the number on the scales or that I can no longer fit into these size 00 jeans. I am not crying my eyes out daily or ridden with anxiety. Instead I am living the life of a normal teenage girl, I am going out with my friends, doing stuff with boys, competing my pony, enjoying school and learning to drive. I am a different person and a person I can be proud to be. 

Dói mesmo, eu me apaixono mesmo, sou intensa mesmo, eu me ferro mesmo, às vezes eu ferro as pessoas mesmo. Tudo é bom, tudo é vazio, tudo é bom de novo. Viver é um absurdo e não dá pra passar por isso tão ileso.
—  Tati Bernardi.