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2 Peter 1:3 says,

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

We have all we need in Him. Time to give back.

Let’s drop what we are doing and head due west. Leave all our worries, troubles, and fears behind. Just let the open road guide us to the beauty land. Breathe in slowly and take each color of the horizon in one at a time. The exhaust’s sounds will blur into a soothing trance as hawks watch over our journey like gods in the sky. Snow cap mountain cool air, hitting our faces and goosebumps raise our hair on our arms. For we are finally feeling truly alive. Let’s stop at a sketchy gas station and make some new friends with the locals. Hear stories of their travels and learn something new about our humanity. The sense of urgency is gone and all we have to care about is if our stomachs and the tank is empty or not. For the life on the road is all we ever want and should ever really need. So please give us the simple life forever, honest, and true. -Forever The Chaos Life pic of @mykierice and I ripping around Yosemite National forest in Cali 07.01.2014 #foreverthechaoslife #ftcl #liveyourlife #bornfree #lifeisbeautiful #rideforever #iliveforonething #chopcult #choppers #choppershit #chopperart #poems #living #simplelife

I grew up in a non religious family. I would go to church at Christmas with my mom but that was it. When I was in high school, I was a very different person than I am now. I hung out either a strange crowd. I wouldn’t call them the wrong crowd, but they weren’t the best from a Christian standpoint. I bounced through several boyfriends and held nothing back from them. The only thing I am proud of from that time is that I stayed away from drugs. 

After a bad break up, I grew close with a friend, Jason, from outside of my main friends. He was different from them, and now I know that was because he loves God in an amazing way. I was really depressed, was hurting myself, and was very close to ending my life. But Jason was there for me 24/7. I could text him whenever I wanted to talk, and I think I sent over 5000 text messages in the first month. 

As we talked and grew close as friends, he also started to talk to me about God. I wasn’t interested at first, but eventually he convinced me to go to a youth night when they were going to lazer tag. I had a great time, and was amazed at how all the people there were different, in a subtle way that I can’t describe, from my friends before. 

I wanted to know why something like just going to church made these people so great. Eventually I came to a church service and I fell in love. The community drew me it, but by going to church I realized what God had to offer for me. It changed me, and it changed my life. 

After attending church for over a year, I did my Profession of Faith, and have since been regularly teaching Sunday school. I am now in a very committed relationship with Jason, and we are involved in the young adults group at our church. 

I am far from a perfect Christian and I struggle all the time, but I know I love God, and work every day to improve myself for Him and to serve Him better. I still go through tough times, but it’s bearable with God by my side. 

Looking back, it’s amazing to see how God has changed me, and I am incredibly grateful for everything He has given me. 


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Doing no makeup for a while now and I feel so free. 5 years ago you wouldn’t catch me at the corner store without my face beat.. I do love to see other women all glam but the fuss just started feeling like prison to me… I want the sun to kiss my face.. #nomakeup #nocosmetics #natural #nattydred #congos #locs #bohemian #simplelife #feelinglove #innerpeace #dredlocks

Pulling up to our fist gas stop today in Utah I see a kid sitting on the side of the gas station drawing out on a huge piece of white cardboard the word Wyoming, as I approached him some crazy lady cuts in front of my line of walking and asked to bum a cigarette off him because he had one in his mouth. He said “lady I literally just found this on the ground near an ash tray, sorry.” After she walks away we start talking, his name was Hayden, really smart dude that’s living the gypsy life with no vehicle, just train hopping and hitch hiking town to town with a book bag, sleeping bag and tarp. He said he was trying to make it up to South Dakota, where he could camp and work at Walmart or something for awhile to pocket the money and not have any rent. Hayden told me he was from Michigan and he just wanted to travel and be self sufficient on the real cheep, “live the simple life”. He said “when I go town to town I see how it really is, the people, the air, the vibe. I don’t plan on doing this forever, just till I find the right place to call home.” Mykie and I gave the dude some money to eat and he let me take a few pics of him. Super rad guy from the Midwest just trying to find his way, love it. #foreverthechaoslife #ftcl #simplelife #homebound #bornfree #bf6