Let’s drop what we are doing and head due west. Leave all our worries, troubles, and fears behind. Just let the open road guide us to the beauty land. Breathe in slowly and take each color of the horizon in one at a time. The exhaust’s sounds will blur into a soothing trance as hawks watch over our journey like gods in the sky. Snow cap mountain cool air, hitting our faces and goosebumps raise our hair on our arms. For we are finally feeling truly alive. Let’s stop at a sketchy gas station and make some new friends with the locals. Hear stories of their travels and learn something new about our humanity. The sense of urgency is gone and all we have to care about is if our stomachs and the tank is empty or not. For the life on the road is all we ever want and should ever really need. So please give us the simple life forever, honest, and true. -Forever The Chaos Life pic of @mykierice and I ripping around Yosemite National forest in Cali 07.01.2014 #foreverthechaoslife #ftcl #liveyourlife #bornfree #lifeisbeautiful #rideforever #iliveforonething #chopcult #choppers #choppershit #chopperart #poems #living #simplelife

Doing no makeup for a while now and I feel so free. 5 years ago you wouldn’t catch me at the corner store without my face beat.. I do love to see other women all glam but the fuss just started feeling like prison to me… I want the sun to kiss my face.. #nomakeup #nocosmetics #natural #nattydred #congos #locs #bohemian #simplelife #feelinglove #innerpeace #dredlocks


Miss Tangerine and Mister Tangelo Teahouse, for Sedna’s Bachelorette Challenge!

Tangerine, or Tangie as she likes to be called, and Tangelo are just about the closest pair of twins you’ll meet. Being born together and sharing pretty much every waking moment after will do that to people! When they saw the ad to put in applications for Sedna’s Bachelorette Challenge, they decided a sim like her was too cute to pass up! So, they entered together. They know that only one of them will get chosen, but, hey what’s the worst thing that could happen? One of them ends up with a gorgeous, smart, funny partner, and the other ends up happy for them? Or they both end up with a funny story to tell people? I mean, it’s not like anyone’s going to die!

Tangerine one of the sweetest sims you’ll ever meet! She’s artistic and hopelessly romantic with a flair for drama! She loves meeting new people and chatting it up about the environment

Tangelo is also a hopeless romantic and really dramatic; they’re alike in a lot of ways! He’s great with people, a bit of a schmoozer though! Oh, and he really likes dogs! But who doesn’t? The main difference between them is where Tangie is soft and artistic, Tangelo is a bit of a daredevil! He was always getting them into trouble as kids.

They await notice of Sedna’s choice!

CC List:

Tangerine’s dress was made by anubis!Their haircut is from beaverhausenx! Their skin is brntwaffles! Eyebrows and blush from simplelife! Their eyes are from moonskin93! Oh, and Tangie’s lipstick is IN3S! You can get it here! Everything else is Into the Future expansion stuff or base game! Hope that’s okay!

we need to take care of ourselves before we learn to take care of somebody else. we need to see beauty in the details and find joy in the little things. #enjoythelittlethings #simplelife #livesimple #thatsdarling #flowers #daisy #spring #quote #inspiration #inspirational #botanical #morninglikethese #modernbotanics