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I keep you alive through songs, places and memories that I’m not ready to let go of yet. I keep you alive through countless poems and diary entries that I re-read until my eyes are blurry from fighting back tears. I keep you alive through new people who remind me of you, and it hurts a little less sometimes, but there’s still a gap that I can’t fill. I keep you alive because I need to believe that someday, you’ll be here again.
—  I’m running out of ways to say I miss you - (sd)

anonymous asked:

That's kinda sad knowing that you have to meet someone online

Actually, I think it’s kind of beautiful. I have met so many amazing people through OkCupid whom I would never, ever have crossed paths with on my own. I’ve grown as a person because of all of these people who have wandered into my life over the past couple of years.

There’s nothing wrong with “having to” meet someone online. The internet has opened so many doors for people to interact with each other in new ways. Don’t shit on it.


If you look down on a woman for posting pictures in her undergarments but have no qualms with bikini pictures, you are a certifiable moron. 


hoe don’t do it. …


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I already knew I love Sam a shitton but after last night idk what it is but holey fuck. This sounds so cheesy but it just applies, we really are made for each other and it’s so amazing to have this connection and not have any worries… I just am so happy about it that I had to write it out and brag a little about how much my life has turned around 😊 I think I got all my shitty shit out of the way and I am only looking up!