Juno in the signs

Juno in Aries: The partner will tend to be fiery, aggressive, assertive, and active. Grass doesn’t grow under their feet. This person is someone who starts things a type “A” personality. A big city type who could also be a big talker.

Juno in Taurus: Your soul mate could provide you with stability and security minded, likes to be touched and cuddled yet take a while to commit. He/she could be strong like a bull, big boned, stubborn and bull headed. He/she will be a good listener.

Juno in Gemini: You should never marry a silent type. Talk, talk, and more talk in a partner is what you need. It also helps if they are versatile and clever. Your soulmate or partner will like to talk and convince others of their point of view. The hands are always moving as the mouth does and the love to just jump in the car and go. Additionally sometimes your marriage partner could be deceitful.

Juno in Cancer: You need a sensitive, nurturing partner. Careful though. If Juno is making too many stressful aspects, you will have to nurture them, and they will whine and complain endlessly.

Juno in Leo: No, your partner does not have to be in show business, but they will tend to have showy qualities, be creative, or be very playful. On the other hand, they may be arrogant, bossy childlike, or immature, especially if Juno makes some stress aspects. In any case, give up any idea of attracting a shy, retiring type.

Juno in Virgo: You need a partner who is efficient, works hard, and watches out for your health. All right, so they may be a little critical at times (or at all times.) The perfect soul mate with this position of Juno is one who tries to perfect you. Your partner will be a hard worker who might even work with you.

Juno in Libra: You need a partner who is charming, social, and has a good artistic sense. Your soul mate or partner could be beautiful, charming and well mannered. Additionally you will enjoy their company and do many things together for many years. The relationship of marriage could be centered on just you two regardless of children. You will recognize your soul mate instantly as someone you can spend many hours with.

Juno in Scorpio: The need is for a partner who is intense, strong, and a bit secretive. They definitely must be good in bed. Your soulmate or partner is passionate and that could be what attracts you to him or her, strong sexual attraction. You’ll want to hide away with this person for long weekends. There equally could be intense arguments and fights as that hot passion can easily turn into jealousy and possessiveness.

Juno in Sagittarius: The partner will tend to come from an entirely different background and may even be a foreigner. Even if the partner is not a Sagittarian, they may have Sagittarian traits. He or she could be famous and have a talent for writing, teaching or education. You may follow this person to another country or travel extensively to find him or her.

Juno in Capricorn: Your soul mate could be older or act older than you. He or she could be more responsible or secure and take a parental role towards you. You could look up to this person immensely and he or she could be every successful in what they do.

Juno in Aquarius: You need a partner that’s well.. different. They may be a genius, eccentric, or just plain insane (maybe all of the above). It may be the partnership that is different. Aquarius is a sign that is fanatic about independence and having enough space. A bi-costal marriage where the two people spend a good deal of time apart is a good situation. Your soul mate and partner is independent, zany, detached, has an effervescence about them. He or she understands your need for all kinds of friends and needs space and distance his or herself. He or she won’t take kindly to any clinging. There could be an age different as Aquarius suggest or they could just be plain different.

Juno in Pisces: Your soul mate requires sacrifice in order for the two of you to be together. You may feel sorry for them or feel the need to rescue them from the big, bad world. He or she could be very evasive and just not of this world and you may have a tendency to put them on a pedestal.

the thing about juno that really bothers me is the way that i’ve watched it. the first time i watched it, (lets see that was what 2007?) i would have been about 12 or 13 and when mark hit on juno and was a general creep, i thought something along the lines of “of course, she should have expected this, what did she think she was doing leading him on like that”. and in hindsight that creeps me out SO MUCH. because no. she’s sixteen. she’s in high school. she’s found this guy that is nice, who likes cool stuff, and who not only doesn’t mind that she is pregnant but is supposedly thrilled about it because he and his wife are having the baby. and that must be great for her because she’s called the cautionary whale and people avoid her and neighbourhood parents probably tell their kids to avoid her because she’s bad news - you know? there is all this negativity surrounding teenage pregnancy and to find someone who supports her must have been really nice. there is not anything about that relationship that is or should be inherently sexual and i’m so relieved that when i watch it now i can say to myself, no, this is wrong, this is not appropriate, his behaviour is so wrong. 


Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood. Ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.


Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with. (Juno, 2007)

Did you know...
  1. Chiron (comet) relates to your deepest wounds, how you heal and discover the strength to overcome pain.

  2. Juno (minor planet) gives a good indication of the type of person you end up with. It describes what kind of significant other you actually need, maybe not what you want (those are ruled by venus).

  3. the North Node shows the general area you have to develop, the life direction in which you may go. the South Node is the place where you feel comfortable. Picture the SN as the roots, and the NN as the branches and leaves.

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Juno: Who You're Attracted To
  • Juno in Aries:You're attracted to energetic, dominating, and even aggressive people. You like to be challenged, and you don't want to date someone who will let you walk all over them. You may enjoy competing with your partner. Power struggles may be an issue for you in your relationships.
  • Juno in Taurus:You're attracted to stable and loyal people. You prefer a reliable partner over a spontaneous one, and you need to feel a sense of security in your relationships. You're in it for the long haul and you require a trustworthy partner who is fully committed to you. You may be quite stubborn in relationships.
  • Juno in Gemini:You're attracted to mentally-stimulating and intellectual people. If a mental connection isn't present, you lose interest. You want a partner who is expressive and can openly talk to you about anything. Secrecy is not in your nature, and you don't bother with grand physical gestures. You may prefer to have multiple relationships at once, or you may prefer friendship to romance.
  • Juno in Cancer:You're attracted to nurturing and caring people. You require an emotional partner who can connect with you on an intimate level. You tend to gravitate towards traditional people who value family. You need plenty of attention from your partner and there's a tendency to be very clingy or dependent. You may be emotionally manipulative in your relationships.
  • Juno in Leo:You're attracted to warm-hearted, prideful, and confident people. You want to share the spotlight with your partner, and you don't particularly care for people who prefer to work behind the scenes. You require a partner who is just as generous and grand a lover as you are. You may be arrogant or bossy in your relationships.
  • Juno in Virgo:You're attracted to efficient and loyal people. You have very high expectations and require a partner who meets all of your standards. You want perfection in your relationships, and you want a partner who is just as organized and efficient as you are. You are turned off by sloppiness and incompetence. You may be over-critical in your relationships.
  • Juno in Libra:You're attracted to romantic and attractive people. You require a partner who values equality in relationships; it's crucial that your relationships are fair and harmonious. You value people who have good manners and carry themselves well in public. You care about your social image a lot, and expect the same of your partner. You may be very indecisive in your relationships.
  • Juno in Scorpio:You're attracted to mysterious and passionate people. You need your relationships to be intense and you require a partner who can connect with you on a deep emotional level. You and your partner may over-indulge in sex. You expect your partner to be loyal and dedicated. You may be very possessive, manipulative, and suspicious in your relationships.
  • Juno in Sagittarius:You're attracted to adventurous and free-spirited people. You require a spontaneous partner who is always up for a new adventure. You don't want to feel pinned down, and you require a certain degree of freedom and autonomy. You value intellectual stimulation and you love to have philosophical discussions with your partner. You may be outspoken or competitive in your relationships.
  • Juno in Capricorn:You're attracted to ambitious and responsible people. You don't tend to get too emotionally involved in your relationships and you require a partner who is practical and loyal. You can be quite a conservative lover that takes time to open up. For this reason it's especially important that your partner is patient and unassuming. You may be too conservative in your relationships.
  • Juno in Aquarius:You're attracted to unconventional and unique people. You shy away from anything traditional and require a partner who is eccentric and open-minded. You prefer friendliness to passion and you are turned off by over-emotional people. You're spontaneous and impulsive and need a partner who can give you your freedom. You may prefer open-ended or polygamous relationships. You additionally may be too detached in your relationships.
  • Juno in Pisces:You're attracted to emotional and artistic people. You expect your relationships to contain some sort of spirituality or spiritual bond. You require a partner who is intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. You likely enjoy sharing art and music with your partner. You need plenty of time to withdraw when you become overwhelmed by reality. You may possess a victim complex in your relationships.