Here´s a Gray Fullbuster sketch….

i made this artwork with just one black pencil and a rubber gum

This is my preperation for the upcoming Gruvia week-I´m really looking forward to it :)

I hope you like my drawings and tell me what you think, or what to draw next ;)

remember I mentioned I’m a big Grey fangirl XD yep !Anyways I tried to really push the perspective in this one, although its not perfect i think it’s a good stepping stone to something better. I’ll have to experiment and practice more of these perspective views, I’m still not very comfortable with it , but im getting there XD Sorry for not posting much men art, I’ll be doing sexy kakashi for this term since I promised a few terms ago.

PSD,Video process, High res of this piece and others will be made available through ►◄ for bi-weekly support : )

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laughingfreely asked:

nalu angst, nalu angst, nalu angst(; <333

You asked for it. B(

Rogue ripped the limp little body out of her hands, and Lucy bent over, her lips torn open in a silent cry. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as cruel agony crippled her body and threatened to tear her heart to pieces.

“What have you done. What have you done?!?!?!

Rogue was screaming, the pain in his voice filling the air and fading to nothing.

Juvia couldn’t take it anymore. With a hand clenched over her mouth and hot tears on her cheeks, she was ready to run to her friend who crouched so painfully still on the ground, but a strong hand on her shoulder held her back. She looked up at Minerva in surprise, her grave expression reflected in Juvia’s tearful eyes that were so full of questions. 

She couldn’t believe it. This had been Gray’s doing? No. Not her Gray. He wouldn’t do such a thing. He’d never…

Minerva nodded back at where Lucy was falling apart.

“Natsu will take care of her.”

And indeed,when she brought her eyes back to the horrid scene, she caught Natsu gripping Rogue’s coat, pulling him backwards forcefully.

“Stop!!Can’t you see that she’s crying?!?! YOU SAWWHAT HAPPENED!!!”

Rogue just shook, his face distorted, but his body motionless as he clutched his dead friend to his chest. Natsu said nothing more, just stared at him in fury. His voice had been shaking though, as if he was holding back the tears himself. 

With a last glance, he turned around and kneeled down in front of Lucy.

Now a loud sob tore from her throat, and the painful cry made his insides churn.

Gray lay on the ground a few feet to the side, posing no threat - for now. But the darkness remained etched into his skin.

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How to ruin your social life

Step 1: Be addicted to a show, anime, book, Youtuber, movie etc.

Step 2: Ship people/characters together. (There is no limit when it comes to these things.) (Dead or not is completely fine.)

Step 3: Make an OTP (Could be more than one)

Step 4: Get a Tumblr account

Step 5: Stay up late following blogs, looking up fanarts, reading fanfictions and everything else in between while eating chocolate icing out of the container.

Stage 6: Have no regrets.

Optional Step: Participate in fandom wars on the internet.