When Rukia encounters Ichigo and the others, Grimmjow taunts her and Ichigo and alludes to ‘penetration’ and gets Ichigo riled up with innuendos like “Jealous that I penetrated your girlfriend first?”

And before Ichigo can answer Rukia cuts in,

“I was the one who penetrated him first… More than once!”

And then everyone is just quiet while Ichigo is dying of embarrassment and Grimmjow shuts up because he’s just like ‘wow they’re into some really kinky shit…’


Rukia:  I penetrated him first to give him my power.  He hasn’t had to penetrate me to give me his yet, but I’m sure we’ve influenced each other mixing our powers–why am I even explaining this to you?

Grimmjow: Yeah, why are you giving me details or your kinky fuckplay–

Ichigo: SHUTUP.

Rukia: Ichigo there is no need to be upset. I am sure if there comes a time for you to penetrate me with your sword to insert your powers into me–

Ichigo: RUKIA!

Urahara: Is that what you kids call it nowadays?  ‘Inserting power’ into one another?


Ichigo: ALL OF YOU.  


*gets on knees and prays to Kubo god*

Dear Kubo-sensei,

I humbly request that when it comes to Grimmjow’s major fight with a Quincy in the (hopefully near) future, and which I hope would happen, there will be a time where we will see more flashbacks of his past. That could show that he might be more than just a desperately power hungry Hollow who aims to be King to fill the emptiness in his soul that would only lead to his self destruction. I hope we can see how Grimmjow treats his fraccion aside from his supposed disregard and abandonment of them when he really didn’t, and that their deaths perhaps affected him more than we thought. That having found Ichigo as a rival who showed him actual respect and honour, not just violence because he is supposedly a Shinigami and Grimmjow’s a Hollow, gave Grimmjow something else to strive for than just being King of a dead desert.