[SNS] 150503 Twitter & Instagram Update - Yoseob

all4b2uty: D-day!!

all4b2uty: MONEY VS PACMAN!!!!!!!! PACMAN VS MONEY!!!!!!!!!

all4b2uty: 심장아 나대지마 아직 멀었어….아직아홉시야 왜 글러브를 끼고있니…..하아 듀근거령.. 😤

trans: My heart, don’t overreact, there’s still a long way to go….It’s only 9 o’clock, why are you wearing the gloves…..Haah heart pounding.. 😤

yysbeast: 보고싶어요

trans: I wanna watch it

all4b2uty: 등!장!

trans: En!trance!

all4b2uty: 전 두선수다좋아해용

trans: I like both athletes

all4b2uty: 리매치!짝! 리매치!짝! 리매치!짝!

trans: Rematch!Clap! Rematch!Clap! Rematch!Clap!

* Yoseob was watching the boxing fight between Pacman and Mayweather

Trans: jolly-bee-89

[SNS] 150503 Instagram Update - Junhyung & Taejoo

bigbadboii: 아침부터 작업실에 모일 수 있는 이유.. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ []

trans: The reason why we could gather in the studio from early morning.. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

bigmadboii: 아침부터 둘이서 피자먹으면서 세기의 대결 시청중 []

trans: Since early morning, both of us have been watching the fight of the century while eating pizza

Trans: jolly-bee-89


Hank McCoy aka beast imagine


You had gone to talk to Hank about one of the experiments you were helping him with when you had seen Hank trying to kiss Raven. You ran out of the room unnoticed as you felt your heart cracking in two. You went straight to your room wherein you flopped down on the bed and buried your face in your pillow.

“Y/N, what’s up? Why did you run out like that?” A voice that belonged to Hank asked. She sat up and looked him straight in the eyes. “You’re what’s up actually Hank, I’ve stood by your side for years and helped you with your damn mutation. Damn it I even fell in love with you! But I walk in to your lab to see you trying to kiss Raven!” You shouted as you lobbed your pillow at him only for him to dodge it.

You suddenly felt two hands at your waist and then a few seconds a pair of lips crashed into yours. “Raven was just practice. I love you.” Hank whispered in your ear.