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14/08/23 Yoseob’s instagram and twitter update:

yysbeast: ALS 아이스버킷 챌린지에 참여 할 수 있게되어서 영광입니다. 조수미 선생님, 소냐 선배님, 병한이형 또 많은 참여 영상을 보내주신 우리 뷰티분들께 감사드리고 루게릭병을 앓고있는 환우분들과 또 여러가지 병마와 싸우고 계시는 분들 힘내셨으면 좋겠습니다! 다음 지목할 사람은 우리 트러블 메이커 현승 현아 그리고 빅스의 레오 이 영광을 함께 나누고 싶습니다.

trans: It is an honor to be able to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Thank you to Jo Sumi Teacher, Sonya Sunbae*, Byunghan Hyung and also to our Beauties for active participation and sending in the videos. I hope this will bring strength to the people suffering from Lou Gehrig desease and to the people battling different illnesses! The next people who I nominate, with whom I would like to share this honor, are our troublemakers Hyunseung & Hyuna and VlXX’s Leo.

*YS’s co-star from ‘Zorro’

trans: jhs-a

all4b2uty: 아..얼음이 정수기 얼음으로 하려니까 속이 비어서 그런지 금방 녹더라고요..앞에 더 길게찍었는데 안올라가서 짧게 잘랐습니다..ㅋㅋ앞에 혀꼬여서 여러번 NG내고 있는 동안 얼음이 녹아버렸어요ㅋㅋ

trans: Ah.. I took the ice from the water purifier and it was hollow so it melted quickIy.. At the front, I recorded more but it didn’t go well so I cut it short..ㅋㅋthe start my tongue got twisted a few times so the ice melted during the NGs ㅋㅋ

trans: yongjunna

**I hope 2Hyun will do this challenge together. Please, please, please

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Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook | 유희열의 스케치북: Summer Special for Singles - Rise of a Couple

No interviews in this one. But: HyunA & Hyunseung, Beast, HyunA, Cho Jungchi & Jung In, Girl’s Day, Infinite, K.will, AOA, San E & Raina.

And that minidress on HyunA? I know a lot of men will forget she’s not even singing most of the time. ;)

14/08/23 Dujun’s twitter update:

BeeeestDJ: 준형이동운이태주와함께한 하와이 5년동안 앞만보고 달리다가 잠시 주위를 둘러볼 수 있게 해준 소중한시간 .. 국적을 불문하고 모두다 얼굴에 웃음꽃이 피어 있는 곳, 여행오셔서 반갑게 인사해주신 모든 분들 감사!!

Trans: I was in Hawaii together with Junhyungie, Dongwoonie and Taeju (*composer). For 5 years we only run looking straight ahead and during this precious time we were able to look around .. A place where everyone had smiles on their faces regardless of the nationality, thank you to everyone who welcomed us warmly when we came for our trip!!

trans: jhs-a

** It’s great to hear that they are finally getting some much deserved rest.