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Hello, everyone! It’s come to the attention of many of us that the Battle Royale roleplay community is borderline unknown within the tumblr BR fandom. We, as a community do not post in the “battle royale” tag, so we’ve come along to inform everyone of our existence, and recruit more players to our everlasting community.

Since we’ve been around since June 2012, many talented roleplayers and characters have come and gone, many of who have bonded with each other within the fandom, and others who have vanished from tumblr completely. These last 2 years have brought so much fun and joy to so many people, and we would very much like to keep that tradition going! 

This blog's purpose

► Keeping all those interested updated on which students have blogs and are active.
If you have a Battle Royale roleplay blog, it’s recommended that you share a link with us for the student directory, as it will indefinitely inform most of the other blogs of your character’s existence in the community. 

► Providing updates and information regarding significant roleplay events, such as relationships, class trips, fights, recent happenings, etc.
Anyone can create an event. Most blogs have started an event, or a plot of their own individual character, or a group of characters. Most events are very much open to everyone, however.

► Answering any questions or concerns or otherwise receiving feedback people - whether followers or players - may have pertaining to the blogs, roleplay events, characters, or even Battle Royale in general.
Most of the blogs are very much ask blogs as well, so it’s recommended that you ask character-related questions to the characters, not us. 

Important additional information

► This blog is not a group. 
We merely try to keep track of the community’s activity. Battle Royale roleplay blogs regardless of group affiliation or lack thereof are welcome to the OOC and IC chat rooms linked here

► There are no rules. 
That’s the beauty of independent roleplaying! Some blogs tend to follow certain guidelines, depending on who they are and at what time they made their blogs.

► In regards to character availability.
Everyone is completely free to play whoever they want. Many characters that have duplicates get on very well with their counterparts, so we’d like to see that streak of harmony continue.

► All the current roleplayers very much welcome newcomers, no matter who the character.
The community has been ongoing for over 2 years now, but don’t let that intimidate you! Many others have come and gone during these years, and many equal bonds have formed both in and out of character for many of them. 

► Most blogs are in fact NSFW.
As this is Battle Royale, many hard topics might resurface during discussions. It’s up to you to inform people if you have any tags or triggers you want others to abide by.

Final words

Please drop by our character roster and check out the many talents from within the community, regardless of whether or not you are interested. You might be pleasantly surprised by portrayals of characters that you love, hate, or are indifferent towards!

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