I was originally going to do this at 1K followers, but time kind of slipped away from me. Meh, better late then never.

I am giving away a customized Meta!Misha Funko POP. In addition to the figure, the winner will receive a handmade monkey hat for said figure.

- Must be following me (since this is in appreciation of my followers)
- You may reblog or like for entry (1 entry for each)
- Please have your ask open so I can contact you if you win.
- This post must at least reach 100 notes or I will delete!

- I’ll ship anywhere
- There will be 1 winner that will be picked randomly.
- The winner have to respond within 48 hours or I’ll pick a new one
- Giveaway ends in three weeks. Winner will be picked on Feb. 21, 2015

I would pay good money for a navigation system voiced by Cas.

And it would be all like:

"You should show me some respect. I pulled you out of morning traffic, I can throw you back in."

anonymous asked:

Have you read Twist and Shout? I'm about to start it and i'm really excited, if a little nervous! I know it's going to break my heart! Haha :)

friend pls let me offer you a list of au fics that are—in my opinion—better written, more in-character, just as heartbreaking, really beautiful, and don’t contain any (permanent) major character death, as an alternative:

sorry twist & shout wasn’t really for me but i hope you can find more enjoyment from it <3

Sometimes I forget how in love Cas is with Dean, then I re-watch season eight and it all comes back like a fire hose spraying gay rainbows on my face.