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What should have happened in 4x11


Once Upon a Time Trailer - Love Actually style

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anonymous asked:

Imagine OUAT on HBO. No taboo on Snow/Regina, graphic sex scenes between Emma and Regina back in season 1 (let's be real, they were so fucking), etc. On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome would the show be?

Yes, well you most certainly answered your own question.  Definitely a TEN.  But really, the potential for awesome sex scenes is so wasted on the show, especially with such dynamic and attractive ppl.  ugh. :)



This is sasstastic

thesassywitchofthenortheast asked:

Prompt for you my love, Emma gets a little banged up in a fight, she, the captain and the Charmings are all at the sheriffs station and Killian is trying to clean her wound or something and Emma makes a comment about being fine and having had "worse injuries from much less dangerous people" (meaning like a foster family or something) idk I just need cs/charming family feels about Emma having a bad childhood.


So many feels with this one.

So many.


tend to linger.

Stupid ‘Queens of Darkness’, or whatever.

Their stupid dark magic, and stupid supposedly witty one-liners (Killian had had better ones—hell, her damn father had better ones than theirs), and stupidly outrageous outfits.

Emma already hated them.

And, no, none of that had to do with the fact that there was a bruise the size of Texas high on her cheekbone and a deep cut on her lip.


Nothing to do with that.

Killian and David forced her to retreat, dragging her back to the station so she could get cleaned up.

She tried explaining multiple times that she wasn’t five.

"Killian, I’m really fine." She sighed as he carefully dabbed at the cut just under her brow. It stung, but she wouldn’t show that she was in any kind of pain.

Not in front of them.

"Love, you’re bleeding from a dozen different places and you’ve got a lovely shiner on your cheek."

"A shiner is a black eye." She deadpanned, looking up to him.

"Well, yours is on your cheek." Killian spoke with a small smile, "Now, stop moving so I can clean up your lip."

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