EXOs reaction when the bed broke

Anonym hat gesagt:

How would exo (all of them) react after you told him that the bed is broken ( after one loooooong night with him ;) ) ??


hey there (:

Kris: want me to breake something else, baby girl?

Xiumin: i knew that i was good yesterday, babe

Luhan: i told you i’m the best

Chen: so when is our new bed going to break?

Lay: and you said we couldn’t break it

Tao: should i be sorry?

Suho: *proud of himself*

D.O/Kyungsoo: so are we buying a new one or sleeping on the floor? ‘cause i thing the new one’s going to break too

Baekhyun: i knew i can do it 

Chanyeol: such a poor bed ..

Kai: how about we break it a lil more?

Sehun: so the bed broke .. what are we going to do now? break the couch?

hope you like it (: