James Potter + tattoos 

inspired by this

“Em, Em,” Lily pulls on her friends arm. “Look. He has a tattoo.”

Emma looks around, and follows Lily’s point to find a Gryffindor lion on the inside of James’s forearm. It’s roaring impressively, occasionally walking around the circumference of his arm.

Lily is staring at it, head tilted, biting her lip.

Emma takes one glance at Lily and starts laughing. “Oh, you are so screwed.”

Lily snaps out of it, looks at Emma and blushes furiously. Unfortunately, there is too much truth in that statement. She looks back at James. Way too much truth.

*   *   *

“Hey,” James greets her in the Prefects cabin as he tries to pin his Head Boy badge on his chest. “How was your summer?”

The lion on his arm is laying down, it looks like it’s taking a nap.

“Good,” Lily says. “Thanks for giving me that radio, it was really nice to listen to some wizard stations, now I feel like I know what’s going on in the world.”

James flashes a grin at her. “No problem. Hey, the Three Jinxes are playing in Hogsmeade the first weekend, want to go? There’s a bunch of us planning on it.”

“Yeah,” Lily grins. “That’d be great, I love their music.” She glances at his forearm again. “I like your tattoo,” she prays she manages to sound casual about it. 

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no but can you imagine
  • Nico:So I'll see you guys at capture the flag later, right?
  • Percy:Nah, me and Annabeth-
  • Annabeth:Annabeth and *I*
  • Percy:Annabeth and *I* are really tired so we're just gonna go back to our Cabins and marathon Harry Potter or something.
  • Nico:What's that?
  • Annabeth:What's what?
  • Nico:Or who's that? Harry Potter? It does sound familiar...
  • Annabeth and Percy:**stunned silence**
  • Nico:Well are you gonna tell me? Because if it's some big secret-
  • Percy:**Distressed noise** Annabeth, Annabeth, he doesn't know the Boy Who Lived
  • Annabeth:Well how could he? He's from the 1920s, Perce.
  • Percy:B-but, *Harry Potter*, Annabeth-
  • Annabeth:Gods Percy, calm down, you can always show him-
  • Nico:Excuse me? Would you mind-
  • Percy:**gasps** Annabeth! Annabeth, he doesn't know that Snape kil-
  • Nico:?!?!