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Kami is a perfect human being who deserves all of your loving and also if memory serves correct she invented the princess goalie scale so if that doesn’t scream follow me i don’t know what else will but she’s perfect so follow her

This is Meredith and she has an adorable face and she posts really quality things and oh man her url is pretty bad ass too and oh look she has great music taste go follow her so your ears can be privy to cool music posts

Reason number one like look at this boss url it’s freaking GIANTSMISFIT like okay perfect tumblr background is perfect and perfect tumblr is perfect there’s really no reason you wouldn’t like this blog unless youre a dodgers fan and in that case im kind of weirded out that youre even following me in the first place but don’t worry we can fix your taste in poor sports by you simply clicking the follow button on this blog that is perfection

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Kontos is down in AAA and Javi is like a rare bald eagle. There have to be perfect conditions for a sighting.

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/sobbu javi is and he is a lefty specialist so they dont use him all the time and i cry about that georgie is currently in fresno but he was up all the time last year and in 2012 and my babyyyyyyyyy

there’s so much learning happening in this moment

giantsmisfit said:

a, b, d, h, j, l, p, r, s, t,w,y,z

A: (the) Angels
B: Brinner
D: Dancing
H: Harley
J: John Mayer
L: Library AUs, mercy
P: Patrick Kane, god help me
R: Red Robin’s Bleu Ribbon Burger, which I am currently full of
S: Skyrim
T: Tangerine (the color and the novel by Edward Bloor, not the fruit)
W: West Virginia
Y: “y’all”
Z: Zidane Tribal (lemme pull ur tail)

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oooo lawyer jessica gonna ruin someones day. are you going to make someone cry again?

Probably. I’m gonna wait and see how much the ticket is, which is likely going to be a lot since it has the little ‘reckless driving’ specialty added to it. Unfortunately, the court fees are so much that it may not make fiscal sense to do so, regardless of how much I may want to. 

I was using my phone as a GPS while traveling at 38 in a 40MPH zone, all legal things, I held my phone up for reception, all legal things again. However, I was pulled over because the officer saw the phone in my hand. I informed him of what was happening, very cordially, of course. Then he started spewing bullshit that I won’t post publicly in case there is a court case. In short, he basically admitted that he was writing a bullshit ticket and I slipped in that I’ve been through the police academy and the look on his face was priceless and I’m excited to see it again.

I’m fine with getting in trouble when I do something stupid, but I don’t like it when I’m not actually doing anything wrong for once. I also don’t like it when there’s the assumption that I’m dumb, which was also the game he was playing.

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is starting it at 10:30 at night a wise life choice, or am i going to have to send pictures of naya and baseball boys to help after that scares the shit out of you

I was raised on scary shit, because my dad’s goal in life is to make as many small children cry as he possibly can. Plus you gotta play it when it’s dark, it makes it scarier