doctor who | photograph

hey guys! so i make this video to celebrate 10 years of new who! i hope you like it <3 

okay but have you ever considered how great moffat’s characters could have been like


  • a bi or pansexual amy who enjoyed kissing girls as a kissogram more than she would probably care to admit
  • an amy who actually shows signs of mental illness
  • an amy who shows emotional responses to things like, i don’t know, her child being taken away from her
  • an amy who knows how to use her looks to her advantage and can’t stand it when people underestimate her and think she’s just a pretty face
  • an amy without this mystical pregnancy crap
  • an amy who displays interests like her interest in art in vincent and the doctor (which was conveniently forgotten)
  • an amy who didn’t try to seduce someone she met when she was seven years old
  • an amy who didn’t leave the doctor for a normal life that she never would have wanted
  • an amy who didn’t kill someone without a second thought when she was supposed to be the one who comforted the star whale and convinced the doctor to be “better” in a town called mercy


  • a self confident rory who knows that amy loves him rather than a large part of their relationship being rory making sure amy still liked him
  • a rory who didn’t die so often that it became essentially a joke
  • a rory who isn’t so interested in a normal life that his literal dream life was just him and amy living together in a boring little town
  • a rory who has a purpose other than being a husband for amy
  • a rory who’s really compassionate and does his best to help his patients and comfort them


  • a smart and talented archaeologist who makes all kind of interesting discoveries and is recognized for that rather than being a criminal
  • a river who didn’t unquestioningly listen to the doctor, even telling amy that the doctor’s “friends” were supposed to do as they were told
  • a river whose life wasn’t entirely based around the doctor
  • a river who loved the doctor but had other things that she cared about and other interests
  • a river whose main thing wasn’t being “flirty” even though she was supposed to love the doctor
  • a river who didn’t threaten people with guns just so she could have a new outfit


  • a clara who doesn’t take any of this impossible girl crap because she’s a person and not some kind of puzzle to be figured out
  • a clara who was confident and sought control over situations but wasn’t overbearing and almost commanding
  • a clara who is afraid of losing something else important to her the way she lost her mother and clings tightly to the things she has
  • a clara who is a perfectionist and has anxiety
  • a clara who although she can seem a bit 
  • a clara who didn’t make terrible soldier jokes
  • a clara who wasn’t upset about the new regeneration of the doctor because of how he looked
  • a clara who loved danny and was actually honest with him about what was happening instead of trying to lie about it
  • a clara that enjoyed her job as a teacher and cared about her students and their progress and the students come to her for advice because they know she won’t judge or make fun of them
  • a clara who gets angry with the doctor and doesn’t let him insult her
  • a clara who accepts twelve’s boundaries instead of hugging him when he’s told her he doesn’t like it


  • an eleven who knows the limits of his mercy
  • an eleven who is grieving over the people and things he’s lost but is trying to move on and is happy traveling with amy and rory
  • an eleven who thinks he might finally be able to be a better person because this is a new beginning and he doesn’t have to face the people ten regrets losing
  • an eleven who misses and still thinks about them sometimes
  • an eleven who doesn’t blow up a ship of cybermen just for information
  • an eleven who doesn’t act like a child when it’s inappropriate
  • an eleven who doesn’t comment on his companions’ appearances like mentioning the lines around amy’s eyes or clara not being pretty
  • an eleven who cares about humanity


  • a twelve who doesn’t insult the entire human race on a regular basis
  • a twelve who doesn’t constantly insult clara
  • a twelve who doesn’t act completely clueless some of the time and a jerk the rest of the time
  • a twelve who knows that he’s changed and is trying to figure out who he is now
  • a twelve who doesn’t hate soldiers just for being soldiers and who wouldn’t automatically assume danny is a p.e. teacher and refuse to correct himself