"[BTOB's] new mini album Move contains a total of five tracks and a bonus track covering various genres, and the members will reportedly be making a shocking visual transformation for the new music video and performance."
Hey you there! *Waves frantically to get your attention*

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The new logo have much meaning. The set of two letters B, when turns sideways, you can see two number 7 and two hearts. It means the emotions that Born to Beat passed from heart to heart!


imhyunsik: 이런영상이 아이패드에 있었다니ㅋㅋㅋ일년전인가…거울더럽다…

anonymous said:

I am really sick of BTOB being so underrated and forgotten, so I really really hope they slay this comeback and gain more attention ahh

BTOB NEED THIS FOR REAL. They’re so talented it’s incredible. Easily some of the best voices in the whole genre. But I have to say while Thriller and Beep Beep were enjoyable, they weren’t memorable. THEY CAN DO IT. I will defend that WOW is one of, if not the best kpop song of all time and I will defend it well. Seriously like Beast get the best songs man. Good Luck? Like oh man that was great. They’re all so catchy and really shine and win. And hey Beast are immensely talented dudes and deserve it but that’s not what I’m getting at. What I’m saying is that BtoB have all the components to be at the top. Beautiful singers, rappers that can ya know rap, and they’re all likable people under a company who can produce the good songs (a la Beast yes?). SO LET’S DO IT BTOB. YA’LL GOT THIS. YAS.


BTOB Comeback

My babies are finally making a comeback! I am super happy about that.

1. It is another goddamn mini album. Are you fucking kidding me? Why? No group should have 5 mini albums and no full length album. All other cube artists put out their 1st full album within 2 years (I did all the math and calculating and shit) I don’t understand why this isn’t a full length album. I have waiting 2 and a half years, just give us melodies a full length album

2. BEAST is making a comeback 2 weeks after BTOB comes back. Which basically means that BTOB will get overlooked by everyone. Everyone knows that Beast is way more popular that BTOB (I don’t understand why) so it would only make since to space their comebacks out. I understand that this is beast’s anniversary. But come on, I don’t want my babies to get overlooked like they always do

I just still get the feeling like Cube doesn’t know what to do with BTOB so they just keep trying out a whole bunch of different shit and hopes something sticks. I love all their songs and will always support them, but other people need to be convinced. Beast is still getting the better songs and music videos in Cube. If Cube was smart, they would give BTOB the better songs/mvs. Beast already has a huge fanbas, people will support them no matter what. But BTOB is newer so they need to bring more fans in. They just get the short end of the stick at Cube.

Basically, Cube be fucking up. This might just be fueled because their my bias group and I love them more than any other group and I just want them to be more popular. I need to stop ranting and just be happy i can see Eunkwang’s beautiful face on stage again. Ive missed them!