[Ilgan Review IS] 'Who Are You', Yook Sungjae’s look in eyes all out 70min

Article: [Ilgan ReviewIS] ‘Who Are You’, Yook Sungjae’s look in eyes all out 70min

One more added to idols who act well.

Yook Sungjae’s tag as idol was taken down only by Episode 4 as he perfectly transformed into a rebel.

In KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama 'Who Are you-School 2015’ broadcasted on May 5th, Yook Sungjae diversely expressed complex emotions and took the seat of Gong Taekwang.

Some reaction was that the character is of no big difference with his last one in tvN 'Nine Boys’ but that fear completely varnished. His share of Episode 4 was also so huge that 60 minutes can be said to be entirely time for Yook Sungjae.

Unhappy family affairs and lonely birthday, real mother insulted by friends etc   were revealed as he was seen scolded by father and fought with friends. Yook Sungjae acted a rebellious character who could not even fall into late teens romance and earnestly expressed reckless and sorrowful look in his eyes.

On this day, upon hearing news of his top star real mother’s 3rd marriage, Yook Sungjae recalled heartbreaking birthday memory. When he’s a child, he secretly hid to wait for parents only to hear that his parents talking about divorce as they entered the house. Gong Taekwang who overheard, shouted and overturned table.

In school as well, real mother was the subject of gossip. Park Dusik (Kwon Gitae) and friends talked, “(School Director’s ex-wife)..That woman is expert in taking alimony from rich men. There’s a saying our gymnastic hall became half the size because of that”. Yook Sungjae overheard and threw his fist on him.

Jeon Nomin (Gong Jaeho) who knew about his son’s fight ordered him "Prepare to drop out of school tomorrow and go abroad”. Yook Sungjae defied, “Why. Sending me to mental hospital for one two months is obviously not enough. Finally, your true colours showed up. The so-called treatment is just to remove me from your sight”.

From Episode 5 onwards, Yook Sungjae and Kim Sohyun, Kim Sohyun and Nam Joohyuk’s love triangle will develop. 


1. [+926, -28] Yesterday watched the beaten scene and heart ripped…

2. [+843, -38] Yesterday really daebak. I’m a fan but was indulged into a Gong Taekwang who’s different from last 1 2 3 episode so I’m very surprised 

3. [+807, -32] Really acting is good..

4. [+758, -32] Sungjae’s look in eyes really is daebak

5. [+669, -32] Correct..ㅜㅠTaekwangie put all outㅜㅜ

6. [+177, -6] This kid also singing masked, being an idol but acting is also good

7. [+178, -7] I knew that Sungjae sings well but till acting seems good

Source: Ilgan

BTOB’s Sungjae shows professionalism in action scenes in “School 2015″

BTOB’s youngest member Yook Sungjae has done it again, receiving increasing praise for his acting skills in ongoing KBS 2TV drama Who Are You — School 2015.

In the upcoming episode (episode 4), Sungjae is revealed to have shown impressive enactment of an explosion of emotions after being provoked by Kwon Gi Tae (played by Park Doo Sik) with a fight in the drama. Although his face was probably filled with fake blood and makeup skills, filming the scene did not leave him unhurt.

According to witnesses at the filming set, Sungjae repeatedly knocked onto the surrounding walls and chairs to get the best shots out of the action scene, but he did not withdraw and held on to portray the emotions of his role. He was immersed in giving deathly stares filled with anger as he wanted to fight back against his opponent, showing his potential as a rising acting-dol.

This is a likely scene which resulted in the scar on his hand, accidentally giving hints that he might be one of the contestants on MBC‘s King of Masked Singer.

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