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Frankly, the fact that lots of people think Zayn's leave could or may be a stunt is very telling for the ways 1d has been (mis)managed.

Wow, you’re absolutely right. 

The fact that we’re given a piece of information straight and we still take it apart and turn it upside down (and many reject it outright) is indeed telling of what kind of trust they’ve built with the fans. 

That is, very little.

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why does iggy rapping sound like something savage animals in the amazon jungle would be yelling when they see an intruder

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Lmao you're acting as if the youth can do anything about world issues

I’m not saying that we can directly change what happens in the political world but remember that many of us are fortunate enough to live in a democratic society where our voices count towards something. As a youth, you should be educated, and aware of what goes on in your country and government. These are vital things to your life as an adult in a few years. 

If you choose to stay ignorant, that’s fine by all means. I’m just here to encourage those who actually care about their future to take action. 

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wait so...dan and phil announce a tour, have made a book, and did this high-quality video to announce it instead of just sitting in their bedroom with a camera? and people are //angry// about it? why

the whole way they’ve done this is fabulous 

like, random video of a girl with a box and we’re like wtf then a vision of us all in the future as old people wearing whiskers with a book about them 


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do you have any tips on drawing legs? i've been having a lot of trouble with them recently. if not its okay, thank you for your time !

im not gonna lie i hate legs hhaha bUT i generally find that theyre a lot easier to draw if you like„ start with a pair of shorts

I suggest heading over to my resource blog tho and just looking through the leg tag

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In 2012 I tried to commit suicide. I was in year 10 at school, I was anorexic, I was depressed and plagued with anxiety, and I wanted to die. My mum died of cancer in December 2012 and my dad killed himself shortly after. I started seeing a therapist and now it's been 2 years since I started. I am recovering from my eating disorder, I haven't self harmed in 8 months and I am getting better. I promise you, and everyone else, that it DOES get better! I absolutely promise you!

I’m crying, holy crap. You’re amazing <3

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Some people are saying that this whole thing with Zayn is a stunt. Your thoughts?

No, it’s not a stunt. There’s lots of stunting involved, but unfortunately Zayn leaving the band is pretty real.

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People hating on Dan and Phil for writing a book, like what the fuck else could they make??? An Album??? An Art gallery???? A fucking boardgame??? like?????


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Someone doesn't know the difference between Staryu and Starmie /: check that stone evolution post.

omg i didn’t even notice that… i love old pokemon scans they’re such treasures :’>

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I am very sexual but my boyfriend is asexual and I really want to have sex with him but he does not want that.What should I do??

If he doesn’t want sex, you don’t have sex. Period.

As the non-asexual partner, it’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you. Sex or being with him. If you’d rather stay in the relationship with him, you need to accept that sex may never be a part of that and be prepared to handle your sexual urges on your own (or discuss options with him) If you can’t be in a non-sexual partnership, that’s just who you are, but that also means that the two of you are not compatible. 

It is never OK to try to pressure him into sex if he doesn’t want it. 

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headcanon: ed leaves the state alchemist position after shit is done but he doesn't stop bothering himself with the military. actually, he creates the tests for the state alchemist exams so that there is more focus on picking people who are both capable and willing to use their alchemy for the good of the people, so that there are no new shou tuckers or kimblees.

UMMM THIS IS LEGIT MY HEADCANON OH MY GOSH IM SO GLAD I’M NOT HTE ONLY ONE like I totally see ed studying philosophy or science or something related and writing books that and alchemy and stuff for a while while Winry runs her automail business and then one day shortly after his inauguration Roy calls him up and is like we’re getting the band back together fullmetal no but seriously I see him recruiting ed again, not as a soldier but as a consultant like he creates a council for alchemy and state alchemists so nothing like tucker or kimblee or the promised day can happen again and yeah that’s how ed ends up working once again for the military and is involved with alchemy even though he can’t do it. Basically I have edward elric’s entire life plotted out in my head

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What is it with William and pigeons? Is it something from a play that I missed?

(( William and his pigeons originally took place in the Manga. It is shown that Shinigami (William) uses carrier pigeons to deliver messages. 

Yana has done art that shows William with his pigeon.

It was then brought into the ‘Book of Circus’ season of the Anime :)  


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oh sorry i just saw that you already said something about the airplane crash.. I'm glad you shared it.. I am affected myself as a german so it is hard for me and it makes me so sad that people don't even take the time to show some respect to the victims

My condolences goes out to the victim’s families and the German people who were affected by this crash. I can partially understand the pain that you all are going through as I am a Chinese national and the plane crash from a few months ago killed many people from my country. Stay strong.