When I go online and I go on instagram and I see you know…a post from Emma who lives in Philadelphia and she’s talking about how her day was at school, that helps me. It’s the only thing that keeps me not feeling overwhelmed by the abnormality of my life.

lunch scare

I somehow managed to finish work early this morning and thought I’d be able to beat the lunch rush but that wasn’t the case. The cafeteria was crowded and there wasn’t enough time for me to drive to my apartment and back before my afternoon clinic started so I decided to eat my lunch in the car. I was just about to dig in when this random stranger knocked on my window. He noted my white coat and asked me why I was “hiding out here in the parking lot” instead of working inside the hospital where sick people needed me. I explained that I was on my lunch break and he proceeded to scold me about how privileged I was sitting in my car eating a salad while people were literally dying so close by. Feeling uncomfortable being berated by a stranger who wouldn’t let me eat in peace, I got out of the car to look for a quieter place when he began to follow me to “make sure I worked.” As much as I wanted him to understand that doctors are human too and require rest and food to function, I didn’t want to argue so I thanked him for his concern and tried to walk away…when he snatched my lunch from me and shouted that I didn’t understand. He correctly assumed that I was planning on going somewhere else to eat. His eyes bulged with rage and he looked like he wanted to hit me. I was so frightened that I ran away and now I’m really hungry and am afraid of returning to the parking lot because he knows where my car is. I hope he’ll be gone by the time my afternoon clinic ends…