I made an AH Dressup Game!

It’s still not 100% done but I thought you guys would like to see it! I’d love for you guys to reblog with a picture of what you did!

fyi other links on the blog like “commissions” don’t work yet

more characters and costumes will be there soon! (as well as Geoff’s mustache)

Noite "Fotos do Orkut"


Como Funciona: Dia 19/05/2012 das 22:00 ás 00:00, vamos postar fotos do nosso passado que nós condena, e que estão (obviamente) no orkut e que tipo, SÃO NOSSAS PIORES ÉPOCAS véi kkkkkk.

Regras: Pode rir tirar sarro e tudo mais mas não pode Xingar(xingamentos pesados) que podem machucar ou ferir a pessoa emocionalmente.

Mais informações: Guilherme, Danilo

Reblogue para mais pessoas divulgarem o seu passado ridiculo kk


Lifeless Planet

Little indie title on Steam I just finished. Starts out suuuuper slow and remains a slow burn throughout - but I was intrigued by it and the mystery kept me hooked. Glad I finished it, in the end.

Found myself screenshotting often, so I thought it might be nice to share some of a places I explored today. Endgame screenshots were the best I but I left them out to avoid spoilers, obviously. :)