Cervo by Btazej Ostoja Lniski.

Font Cervo is the younger sister of Kapra. It is characterized by eight different varieties – lower and uppercase characters and in contrast to Kapra is “slimmed” version (from Medium to Thin). 
It is inspired by a You And Me Monthly published by National Magazines Publisher RSW „Prasa” that appeared from Mai 1960 till December 1973 in Poland.

Download it here: http://myfonts.us/kfA5Kf

Appareo Worn Serif Type Family

Often you can find the beauty in the imperfection. So it is with this distressed typeface. Appareo is a sans serif font family designed in 2013 by Kimmy Kirkwood.

Download the Appareo font family on MyFonts.com

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Choplin by Rene Bieder.

Rene Bieder did it again, his wonderful taste in shaping typefaces delight us again with this release of Choplin, a geometric Slab Serif font, base on Campton. Rene describes his own font in this way:

Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart. It was designed based on the Campton Family, with the same principles in mind: geometry, simplicity and neutrality. As a consequence, Choplin could be seen as an immediate companion to the CamptonFamily. However, during the process lots of details were changed in order to sharpen the slab serif character which resulted in a slightly different interpretation.

Similar to Campton, it is perfectly suited for graphic design applications ranging from editorial, corporate, web, interaction to product design. In addition, it has an extended range of alternative glyphs, ligatures and opentype features which provide flexibility and uniqueness wherever it is placed.

You can get the font with a huge discount of 85% off that’s mean $35 for 18 fonts. If you have followed Rene for some time you will know that this kind of offer never repeats, the normal price of this professional font is $250.

Get it here: http://myfonts.us/Uzu5iV

The Flirt Script font

Type designer Neil Summerour of Positype has created the Flirt Script font in 2014. The typeface was awarded with the “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” at the TDC2 (2014).

Check out more information about the Flirt Script font on WE AND THE COLOR or buy it on MyFonts.

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Hey guys! I just wanted to make this font pack because my followers are by far the best in the entire universe and are often wondering what font I have used on a graphic/gifset. These are some popular fonts on Tumblr and some popular fonts with myself. I was going to make a ZIP but I figured not everyone would want every one so I will just link them individually. Merry Christmas!

| Colours of Autumn | Permanent Marker | Xtreem | Wisdom Script | Sail | Din Bold | Pacifico | Bebas Neue |

xoxo Grace


The Trend font by Latinotype is based on a sans and a slab serif font and its design is based on current global trends. The complete font family includes a bunch of different typefaces and a set of additional ornaments and symbols. Trend is a great choice for eye-catching headlines for your graphic design projects.

Buy the trend font on MyFonts.com

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