My ALS ice bucket challenge thanks to jordandarcylous-journey

You guys, look at this gal. Isn’t she precious? She’s super old so she may have gotten a little pee on my lap, but I forgave her.

I’m back to myfitnesspal for a little while. My perception of how much I should be eating is all out of whack. A week or so of measuring and counting (grumble grumble) should get me back on the right track.

I think I’ll post food logs this week, too. I can use all the accountability I can get, especially when there’s cookie dough in the freezer.

My back is still a bit sore but not like it was last night. Thank goodness. I thought I would wake up to it three times worse.

It was so nice to wake up and not feel exhausted. A weekend of sleep and TV did me a lot of good.

"Hannibal" is crazy, you guys. I just finished season 1. <3 Will <3

Breakfast this morning involved pork shoulder and a fried egg, so things are pretty great over here.

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First Mini-Goal! Reached!

So today I weighed in at 199lbs. I am SO EXCITED. Hello Onederland! I haven’t weighed under 200lbs in 5 or 6 years… And even then it lasted a week or two and wasn’t maintained. 199lbs was my first mini goal! Now on to the next mini-goal: 175lbs. 

I’ve also lost a lot in my measurements. I wish I had started doing measurements from day one, but I didn’t start until about a month in. I’ll list below the way I do my measurements. (I am high-waisted so I wanted to do navel, too. And I don’t have much in the way of hips is another reason why.) 

Starting Weight: 216 on 6/20/14 | Current Weight: 199 on 8/27/14 | Total Loss: 17lbs in 9.5 weeks (Average: 1.79lbs/week) 

Measurements: (Starting Measurement Date: 7/21/14; Current Measurement Date: 8/27/14; 5 Weeks) 
Bust: 48in —> 47in | Total Loss: 1in 
Underbust: 42in —> 40.5in | Total Loss: 1.5in 
Waist: 43in —> 40.5in | Total Loss: 2.5in 
Navel: 46in —> 44in | Total Loss: 2in 
Hips: 47in —> 45in | Total Loss: 2in 
L. Thigh: 23in —> 22.5in | Total Loss: 0.5in 
R. Thigh: 23in —> 22.5in | Total Loss: 0.5in 
R. Arm: 14in —> 13.75in | Total Loss: 0.25in 
L. Arm: 14in —> 13.75in | Total Loss: 0.25in 

After a long proses of struggling with my weight im finally starting to feel comfortable and confident with my body. The first picture(left) was taken in February of 2014 when I weighed 164 lbs, that was the heaviest I have ever been. I was extremely unhappy with the weight I had gained in a matter of 4 months after beginning university- in my case the freshman 15 was no myth. So from then on I decided it was time to lose weight and GET HEALTHY! I began go to the gym 4 times a week and cutting out a lot of junk food (not all because im weak…very weak and I love food). Today’s July 14, 2014 and I currently weigh 147 lbs (right picture), losing a total of 17 pounds along with gaining some muscle :P Im not yet complete satisfied just yet with my body but just looking at the difference makes me proud of what ive accomplished. An app that I discovered called MyFitnessPal has helped me so much with managing my diet  making it much easier to make smart food choices. I hope by the end of the summer to lose about 10 more pounds but for me its more about how it look on my body then the number.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures and bad lighting XD

Not sure if anyone will even take the time to read my little paragraph but i just felt like sharing, have a nice day my lovely followers :) 

Day 19: lunch: The triumphant moment when you’re #awesome boss buys you lunch and you’re able to get something that isn’t fried, and is actually good for you. Steamed chicken and veggies with sauce on the side, brown rice and egg drop soup. 😁 #faith #blessed #change #dontjudge #fitblr #fitspo #fitness #health #healthy #instalike #motivation #myfitnesspal #motivationalquotes #noexcuses #run #rva #running #ww #weightloss #weightwatchers #bicycling #kcco #bpd #bpdrecovery #bpdlife #success #food #foodie (at The Best Cubicle Ever)

40 Pounds Down

I’ve officially lost 40 pounds since I’ve started this Tumblr. I started at 324 pounds and I’m now down to 284 pounds. You might think this is sad, but this is the best shape I’ve been in my adult life. I PROMISE I will be posting photos soon!

However, the majority of the weight loss has come after I started cycling. I weighed 317 pounds when I started cycling, so I suppose that’s a loss of 33 pounds. 

Contrary to what many say, it hasn’t actually been that difficult. I eat foods that are good, but also good for me. It is, however, pretty difficult not to eat bad things, although once or twice I have. I don’t think of it as a big deal when I do. I just think of it as deserving it for working hard.

I ride around ten miles every day, except for days when it isn’t possible. I’ve missed 4 days in July. I missed the 3rd and 4th of July for celebration and I missed a couple of other days because of rain. 

To me, this is easy. It’s just a true change in lifestyle. It is making easier decisions about food and finding a workout that works. I’ve seen progress in nearly everything about cycling: the length of time I can cycle, my speed, and my distance.

I’m on MapMyRide and MyFitnessPal, so if you’d like to add me on either, just send me a message and I’ll share my info!

finishing up Elite Block and heading to Coronation

So it’s transition week of Elite Block which means we start round 3 of P90X3 on Monday. Exciting! Also, this weekend is Trimaris’ coronation. Also exciting. Been crafting up a storm (hence all the pics over the past week of my new stuff) when I’m not working.

I’ll post my progress pictures on monday or tuesday. I’ve been losing some weight which isn’t particularly my goal… but I haven’t been over or hitting my goal calories so it makes sense. I haven’t been unhappy to see the number drop on the scale since I’m really good at telling myself I’m fat (132.6 and 5’10”…) I’m not. and quite possibly underweight. So I don’t know if I should switch my myfitnesspal to trying to gain weight… or keep “maintaining”. Anyone have any thoughts?

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"Bro seriously listen to me you need to eat at least 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight or you’ll never get huge." You guys stick to what the guy slightly bigger than you in the gym says. I’ll stick to what science and research says and eat a shit load of carbs I’ll just keep progressing on my lifts so fast it feels like I’m on da juice. Real science > pseudoscience and let’s face it, who doesn’t like eating 600g of carbs in one day?

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